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Is C3850 NM 4 10g hot-swappable?

All network modules are hot-swappable. C3850-NM-4-1G This module has four 1-Gigabit SFP module slots. Any combination of standard SFP modules are supported. SFP+ modules are not supported.

Are Cisco network modules hot-swappable?

The network module is hot-swappable. If you remove a module, replace it with another network module or a blank module. The switch complies with EMC, safety, and thermal specifications when a network module is present.

What is replacing the Cisco 3850?

The Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series is Cisco’s leading fixed enterprise switching access platform. It is the new generation of the access platform, with many additional capabilities, and is well suited for enterprises looking to upgrade from their existing Cisco Catalyst 3650/3850 Series deployment.

Is 3850 the end of life?

Cisco announces the end-of-sale and end-of-life dates for the Cisco Catalyst 3850 switches. The last day to order the affected product(s) is October 30, 2020.

What speed is SPF?

SFPs are mainly classified based on their speed capabilities. Some of the types are 100Base, 1000Base Gigabit, and 10Gig (SFP+). For most Fiber SFP modules, the transmission speed is 1 Gigabit, but the newer versions such as SPF+ have a higher speed of transmission, from 10 to 25 Gigabit.

Are SFP+ modules universal?

SFP and SFP+ modules look exactly the same. And as they have the same size, your SFP transceiver will fit seamlessly into an SFP+ switch port and vice versa. However, the connection won’t work as you expect it to. Or, worse even, it won’t work at all.

Are SFP modules universal?

Are there any ports in the c3850-nm-4-1g module?

C3850-NM-4-1G Module All ports in the C3850-NM-4-1G module are natively GigabitEthernet and are configured GigabitEthernet1/1/1 though GigabitEthernet1/1/4. There are only four interfaces that are valid, and the other four should not be used even though they still show up in the CLI.

What are the ports for the Catalyst 3850 switch?

All ports in the C3850-NM-8-10G module default to 10 G and should be configured as TenGigabitEthernet1/1/1 through TenGigabitEthernet1/1/8, even when you are operating them as 1 G using SFP. C3850-NM-2-40G Module The default port connections for the C3850-NM-2-40G module depends on whether you use a 40 G QSFP module or a 4x10G breakout cable.

What kind of SFP module does Catalyst 3850 use?

Network Module Overview. C3850-NM-4-1G. This module has four 1 G SFP module slots. Any combination of standard SFP modules are supported. SFP+ modules are not supported. If you insert an SFP+ module in the 1 G network module, the SFP+ module does not operate, and the switch logs an error message.

How many SFP modules are in ws-c3850-24 switch?

WS-C3850-24S This module has four slots: Two slots (left side) support only 1 G SFP modules and two slots (right side) support either 1 G SFP or 10 G SFP modules. This is supported on the following switch models: