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Is boroplus an antiseptic cream?

BoroPlus is proud to be India’s most trusted and No. 1 Antiseptic cream. This is a unisex cream that is suited for all skin types and can even be used as an after-shave moisturizer, remedy for cracked heels, as a lip care solution for chapped lips, and in case of cuts, scratches, minor wounds, and burns.

What is the use of Boroplus antiseptic?

Boroplus is a multipurpose cream which can be used for multiple usages like as winter cream, antiseptic cream, night cream, moisturizer, for dry lips and for cracked heels. It is popular for its deep moisturisation and dryness relief in tough areas like face, hands, elbows, knees and heels.

How do you use Boroplus antiseptic cream?

Directions for Use

  1. Gently massage the cream on face, neck, elbows, feet, lips or any other dry parts of the body.
  2. Can be used after bath and before sleeping.

What is the benefit of boroplus?

Boroplus Skin Care cream is suitable for everyone who wants healthy skin and is looking for an effective and universally usable cream. Its versatile benefits ranging from relieving dry skin, to healing chapped lips, treating nicks and wounds, and many more, make it a product that every home must have.

Is antiseptic cream the same as antibacterial cream?

Both antiseptics and antibacterial products kill microbes, however antibacterial can only target bacteria, whereas antiseptic also target viruses and fungi.

What is an antiseptic cream?

This antiseptic cream soothes and heals wounds, protects against infection and can be used to treat cuts and grazes, minor burns and scalds, small areas of sunburn, dry chapped skin, nappy rash, insect bites, spots and pimples. Before you use this medicine.

Can I use boroplus in summer?

Moisturisers that work fine in Spring and Summer may not be effective in Winter as cold air from outdoors and heated air from indoors affects your skin. For many with dry, and very dry skin needs, Boroplus Skin care products is the answer to restore back to healthy skin.

Is boroplus antibiotic?

Its anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing redness from blemishes and rosacea, and the antibacterial properties disinfect the skin and combat acne. Its antibacterial properties, which help reduce acne, especially when used with other natural ingredients.

Can I apply boroplus on face?

As the name suggests, Boroplus Daily protection Cream is meant for everyday use. Apply as often as needed on the Face, Hands & Body to increase level of moisturization, provide antiseptic protection and naturally restore the skin.

Which antiseptic cream is best?

Neosporin is the best antibiotic cream on the market for over the counter use!. I have used other antibiotic creams but the way Neosporin heals your cuts, scrapes, burns on your skin while healing with NO scars or marks is remarkable.

What are antiseptics made of?

Both antiseptics and disinfectants contain chemical agents that are sometimes called biocides. Hydrogen peroxide is an example of a common ingredient in both antiseptics and disinfectants. However, antiseptics usually contain lower concentrations of biocides than disinfectants do.

What are the ingredients in Boroplus Antiseptic Cream?

This all-in-one tube is enriched with natural herbs and antiseptics and is useful for everything, from treating a scratch to having feather-like soft skin. It contains a blend of potent ingredients like Aloe Vera, Neem, Basil, Turmeric, Sandalwood, etc. that heal and pamper your skin.

What kind of skin care does Boroplus help?

Dry & Cracked Skin: Boroplus is effective in soothing dry & itchy skin caused by detergents and excessive dryness and roughness of skin. Calluses & Roughness: It is known to provide relief from calluses, roughness and cracking of epidermal skin on feet, heels and elbows. Lip Care: It forms the perfect protection and care of lips.

What can Himani Boroplus Antiseptic Cream be used for?

It can be used for curing cuts, bruises and injuries along with making skin soft and glowing and blemish free. Not only it works to soften dry and chapped skin and lips, but also it can help in lightening the cut marks and dark spots. The only drawback is the thick and oily nature of this antiseptic cream.