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Is Arma 3 Altis real?

Agios Efstratios serves as the basis for the fictional island of Stratis in the 2013 video game Arma 3, along with its northern counterpart of Lemnos, fictionalized as “Altis”, the governing body of the two islands.

What is Altis life?

Altis Life is a roleplaying mod for Arma 3 [official site], featuring police, ambulance crews and outlaws. We sent Brendan deep into one of the UK servers to see what the populace is up to. Hank receives a message. ‘Raise your altitude or be shot down’.

How do you get Antistasi in Arma 3?

Installation: Subscribe to Antistasi: It’s a mission file, so you don’t need to activate it in the launcher, just choose it in the mission menu in game by starting a game, and chosing it from either Altis or Tanoa maps (which you downloaded).

What is Arma 3 Altis based on?

island of Lemnos
Altis is directly based on the real-world Greek island of Lemnos in the Aegean Sea. The in-game island is approximately 25% smaller than its real counterpart however, both for design and engine reasons.

What is Altis called in real life?

Arma 3 Altis island in real life! The real name of the island is Lemnos. Here it is on google maps.

Is Altis life a mod?

Altis Life , the police and civilian role-playing server mod for Arma 3 , reminds me a bit of the time—the very little time—I spent on a few Garry’s Mod role-playing servers. Rather than engage in multiplayer warfare, players engage in, well, virtual life. If you’re a cop, you police the civilians and enforce the law.

Can you play Antistasi solo?

A Singleplayer optimized version of the famous mission made by the venerable Barbolani. This is the definitive Antistasi experience for the solo player, featuring a number of balancing tweaks aimed at reducing grind and artificial difficulty.

How do you buy Antistasi cars?

Before you go into town, put on civilian clothes and put a pistol into a backpack with some ammo. Then press Y and select Go Undercover. Now you can go into town on a vehicle acquisition mission. Beware patrols with dogs while on foot.

How many people live on Altis?

Demographics. In 2026, Altis had a population of around 90,000 people. The majority of the island’s inhabitants lived along the eastern and western shores of the island of Altis, with Stratis having a small population and the inland areas of Altis having small villages.

What are the features of ARMA 3 Antistasi Altis?

Arma 3 – Antistasi Altis. A Persistent Whole Map mission, for SP or MP Coop, focused on Resistance Infantry and Guerrilla Tactics. Features: – Altis is in an All vs All war on which the players play the role of rebels fighting against freign invaders.

How many sidemissions are there in Altis A3?

– Altis is in an All vs All war on which the players play the role of rebels fighting against freign invaders. – Around 18 possible Sidemissions which may happen everywhere. Assasination, Logistics, Destroy Assets, Rescue POWS, Conquer Missions in a wide variety on each type. – PvP Element: NATO players can join and try to disrupt rebel operations.

How big is the island of Altis in RuneScape?

Covering an area of 270.5 square kilometres, Altis is a volcanic island with a corrugated and mostly rocky landscape. Scattered throughout the more remote regions of the archipelago are large pine forests and the occasional outcrop of tree groves.

Where does the Republic of Altis take place?

The mainland island of the Republic of Altis and Stratis, Altis as a whole consists of five regions: the East, South-East, Central, West, and the South-West: Beginning with the city of Paros, the East goes all the way to the edge of the north-eastern corner of the island.