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Is Amaterasu good smite 2021?

Early Game: Amaterasu’s Early Game is not the best as the sustain from her stance change will only heal for so much and her damage would be weak as well, but she can manage with her Heavenly Reflection and basic attacks to clear the lane.

Is Amaterasu a good support?

Amaterasu has always been a great late game character, and this is true in the support role. The 30 power and especially the 25% movement speed from Divine Presence make a huge difference in team fights. The movement speed from Benevolence stance makes rotations a breeze.

What Lane is Amaterasu?

Amaterasu is a wonderful pick in the solo lane for Season 7. In previous seasons, she was known as a pick to stall lane and just hope you make it to late game to be useful.

What type of God is Amaterasu smite?

Amaterasu is the Japanese Shinto Goddess of the Sun and Universe. Her full name is Amaterasu-O-Mi-Kami. It’s meaning is “August Person Who Makes The Heavens Shine”.

Why is Amaterasu good smite?

Amaterasu focuses the power of the heavens into an impressive 3 strike combination attack. The 2nd hit will do 20% more base damage and slow enemies by 30%. The 3rd hit will do 40% more base damage and stun enemies.

How good is Amaterasu?

Amaterasu is an offensive unit against enemies with traits. Keep her well protected behind meatshields and watch her deal enormous damage to most traited enemies. She is both a good unit for newer players and later players, due to her typing.

What are Amaterasu abilities?

Powers/Abilities: Amaterasu possessed the conventional powers of the Amatsu-Kami (Gods of Japan) including superhuman strength (possibly Class 25 or above), stamina, vitality, resistance to injury and an immortality comparable to the Olympian gods.

Is Amaterasu good or bad?

Amaterasu, also known as the First Pillar, is a major antagonist in the 2015 Japanese dark fantasy manga series Fire Force and its 2020 anime television series adaptation of the same name. She is the main antagonist of the VS. Special Fire Force Company 4 Arc.