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Is air pop popcorn healthy?

In its purest form – that is, plain air-popped kernels – it’s a healthy, whole-grain, antioxidant-rich snack food that comes at a pretty low-calorie cost for those who like to mindlessly nibble: A three-cup serving of air-popped popcorn has only 93 calories, 1 gram of fat and close to 4 grams of fiber.

Does popcorn Change calories when popped?

There is still a discrepancy between the 170 calories in the two tablespoons of unpopped kernels and the 135 calories in the 4.5 cups of popped kernels. The difference is due to the oils lost to the bag during the microwave process.

Is air-popped popcorn healthy with butter?

But it’s still a terrific, low-cal munchie. And you do need to steer clear of varieties doused in butter, oil, and/or salt, ingredients that negate the health perks. Movie theater popcorn is the worst culprit of all.

How many calories are in a bowl of popcorn without butter?

According to MyFitnessPal, a small popcorn, without butter, has 225 calories with 11 grams of fat.

Are popcorns good for weight loss?

Because of popcorn’s high fiber content, its low calorie count and its low energy density, popcorn is considered to be a food that can aid in weight loss. For example, popcorn has been shown to make people feel fuller than a similar calorie amount of potato chips.

How many calories in 100g air-popped popcorn?


Nutrient Unit Per 100 g
Energy calories 387
Protein g 12.94
Total lipid (fat) g 4.54
Carbohydrate g 77.78

Is it OK to eat popcorn while on a diet?

Is air popped popcorn bad for You?

It may go stale if exposed to air. However, popcorn can go “bad for you” quickly, depending on the additions you make. Per Joy Bauer with, air popped popcorn has only 30 calories per cup. If you start adding oil, butter and salt, you lower the healthy quality of this yummy snack rather quickly.

Is popcorn fattening or good for weight loss?

Popcorn has been shown to be very effective on weight loss as it has a lot of fiber which when consumed gives a feeling of fullness hence less focus on heavier food. Popcorn, a low calorie, low fat diet is a good way to go. Furthermore, it contains no sugar. A cup of plain air popped popcorn provides 30 calories and only 0.4 grams of fat.

Is air popped popcorn healthy snack?

The Best Things to Put on Air Popped Popcorn. Air popped popcorn is a healthy snack alternative, even healthier than prepackaged popcorn that is loaded with salt, oil and butter.