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Is a Turbo 400 the same length as a 700R4?

Registered. edit: okay, AA sez the 350 is 21.5″, 700r is 23.375″, 4l60e is 21.875″, and 400 is 24.25″.

What is the length of a 4L60E transmission?

Chapter 2: Transmissions: Transmission Lengths

Transmission Case to ext. Housing Overall Length
THM 400 (short tail) 24 3/8″ 28 1/4″
THM 400 (long tail) 24 3/8″ 34″
THM 200-4R N/A 27 3/4″
THM 700R4, 4L60, 4L60E 23 3/8″ 30 3/4″

What are the dimensions of a transmission?

Automatic Transmission Dimensions

Style A B
Std. 2wd 32 11/16 30 3/8
HD 2wd 31 15/16 30 3/8
HD long 33 30 3/8
4 X 4 29 30 3/8

What is the length of a 350 Turbo transmission?

The TH350’s case length is 21 5/8 inches. Depending on the tail shaft housing, its overall length can either be 27 5/8 or 30 5/8 inches. The 700R4’s case length is 23 3/8 inches and its overall length is 30 3/8 inches. The TH350 weighs 120 lbs., while the 700R4 weighs 155 lbs.

Will a 350 transmission fit a 454?

They are all the same. All mounts will have the bolt location in the same spot.

What’s the difference between a 4L60 and a 4L60E?

The biggest difference between the 4L60 and 4L60E is how both are controlled. For 4L60E control comes from a computer. For the 4L60, control comes form a TV cable. With one being controlled by computer and the other not, there are compatibility issues that the two have.

Which is better 700R4 or 4L60E?

If the transmission has a large 18-pin electronic connector above the passenger side pan rail, it’s a 4L60E, as seen here. If it has a cable connection near the cooler lines on the passenger’s side, that’s a 700R4. The good news is that either way, you win.

How long is a Chevy 350 transmission?

21-3/4″ long
The 350 transmission is 21-3/4″ long and its one-piece case is cast of aluminum alloy. It features an integral bellhousing. The TH350 weighs 120 lbs.

Is a Turbo 350 and Turbo 400 the same length?

The overall length of the TH-400 is 38 inches, while the overall length of the TH-350 is 33 5/8 inches, if both use the longest tail shafts available. The TH-400’s body is 25 inches and the TH-350’s body is 21 5/8 inches long.

What is the shortest Chevy transmission?

Powerglide aside (which has very limited ability as a 2spd IMO) the 4l60e is the shortest gm auto and 6 bolt round pattern cases can more or less bolt up.

What are the dimensions of a Chevrolet transmission?

Chevrolet Transmission Dimensions Style A A 6″ tailshaft 27 11/16″ 703,3 mm 9″ tailshaft 30 11/16″ 779,5 mm 12″ tailshaft 33 27/32″ 859,6 mm

What’s the name of the GM 4 speed transmission?

Today, GM uses a simple naming scheme for their transmissions, with the “Hydra-Matic” name used on most automatics across all divisions. 1993–2010 4T80-E — 4-speed heavy-duty (used in large front wheel drive GM vehicles, only with Cadillac NorthStar V8 and Related Oldsmobile V8.

When did GM stop making their own transmissions?

Through the 1950s, all makers were working on their own automatic transmission, with four more developed inside GM alone. All of GM’s early automatic transmissions were replaced by variants of the Turbo-Hydramatic by the 1970s. 1968-1971 Torquedrive – Chevrolet ( Camaro and Chevy II, Nova.

What was the name of the first GM automatic transmission?

All of GM’s early automatic transmissions were replaced by variants of the Turbo-Hydramatic by the 1970s. 1940–1967 Hydra-Matic — Oldsmobile (now the trade name for all GM automatic transmissions) 1948–1963 Dynaflow — Buick 1950–1973 Powerglide — Chevrolet (also used by Pontiac and Holden)