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Is a transit better than a Vivaro?

Fuel efficiency will depend on the weight of the load being transported, but the best economy can be found in the Vauxhall Vivaro 1.6 CDTi BiTurbo at 47.9mpg (unloaded) while the Ford Transit Custom 2.0 TDCi manages 44.1 mpg (unloaded). So, with slightly better economy, we’re going with the Vauxhall Vivaro on cost.

Are Vauxhall Vivaro vans any good?

Vauxhall Vivaro verdict The engines are good, and this is a fine van to drive. Or at least, it would be if it wasn’t for the cramped cab and the poor driving position. Still, the positives are such that we voted it runner up in our 2020 and 2021 Medium Van of the Year Award.

What van is the same as Vivaro?

Indeed, we’re often asked whether the Trafic and Vivaro are actually one and the same vehicle. So we try and answer that question here. Put simply, the older Renault Trafic is in fact the model on which the Vivaro is based, so the two were once closely linked.

Are transit custom vans reliable?

The good news is the Transit Custom has an excellent reliability record, but the only fly in the ointment is the 2.0-litre engine. These smooth and powerful units seem to require more oil than is usual, and the problem has been traced back to the injectors.

What is the best panel van?

Best medium panel vans 2021

  • Ford Transit Custom.
  • Volkswagen Transporter.
  • Renault Trafic.
  • Vauxhall Vivaro.
  • Citroen Dispatch.
  • Peugeot Expert.
  • Mercedes Vito.
  • Toyota Proace.

Is a Ford Transit bigger than a VW Transporter?

The Ford Transit gives you 2,555mm in length and 1,775mm in width; the Volkswagen Transporter 2,572mm in length and 1,700mm in width. That gives owners with a need for some extra room a maximum of 1,940mm to play with – significantly more than the 1,406mm on the Transit.

How long will a Vauxhall Vivaro last?

It’s possible to get a Vivaro of this generation for as little as £7000, but it’ll have a heck of a mileage on it – expect over 150,000 miles.

Which Transit van is the best?

Ford Transit Custom It’s the Transit Custom that sits at the top of our list here. Updated in 2018, the Ford Transit Custom offers an enjoyable driving experience for a panel van, competitive payload weights and decent cargo capacity.

Does a Transit Custom have a timing belt?

The Ford transit custom uses a timing chain to synC-HRonize the position of the crankshaft and camshaft. The chain is cheaper over the life of the vehicle because it rarely needs servicing.

What is high mileage for Transit Custom?

According to Motor and Wheels, the Ford Transit van has a mileage expectancy of around 150,000 miles. That said, if you take care of your cargo van model you can see up to 300,000 miles. Owners report at least 10 – 15 years of service from their vans before having to do extensive repairs or make any major changes.