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Is a 10 amp reciprocating saw powerful enough?

Reciprocating saws with 10 to 12-amp motors are high on value and trade-off performance for a lighter design. They’re a good choice for light-duty demolition and when you have to cut overhead.

What is the difference between orbital and reciprocating saw?

Straight cut reciprocating saws have a blade that moves on a single plane: back and forth. They can be used to cut metal and for other tasks that require a more controlled cut. Saws with orbital cut have a blade that moves in a more elliptical or oval shape, rather than just back and forth.

What is a good amp for reciprocating saw?

Reciprocating saws vary from about 9-15 amps of power. A 15 amp recip will run you $180-250 right now, but if you’re a contractor you might need that kind of power on a day to day basis. 11 amps should be plenty for the DIYer with a big demolition project.

What is orbital mode on a reciprocating saw?

The orbital action setting on a reciprocating saw introduces an elliptical motion to the standard back and forth sawing. This more aggressive action removes more material when cutting through wood. With a more aggressive cut, however, comes additional vibration.

How much is a Craftsman Sawzall?

CRAFTSMAN V20 Reciprocating Saw, Cordless, Tool Only (CMCS300B)

List Price: $87.00 Details
You Save: $8.31 (10%)

What is the most powerful reciprocating saw?

Milwaukee 18V Li-Ion Cordless SAWZALL
Milwaukee 18V Li-Ion Cordless SAWZALL Reciprocating Saw With a 15 amp motor, it’s no wonder this saw is considered by many to be best-in-class as it’s the most powerful reciprocating saw on the market.

What is the advantage of an Orbital Reciprocating Saw?

Orbital action, however, moves the blade in a slightly circular motion as it moves in and out of the tool. This allows faster cuts in softer materials and facilitates faster chip removal from the blade path.

What reciprocating saw has the longest stroke?

Dewalt 20V Max
Our Top Pick For a Reciprocating Saw: Dewalt 20V Max The longer stroke length and faster speed on this model will allow users to get the job done in half the time.

How thick of wood can a reciprocating saw cut?

The deeper the cut, the longer the blade. The thicker the blades, the less bending and wobbling. Heavy-duty blades can be either 7/8-inches wide or 0.062-inches thick.

What is an orbital cut?

In orbital action, the blade moves forward during the cutting stroke in addition to the up-and-down movement. This more aggressive blade motion and is designed for cutting in soft materials like wood or plastic. The orbital movement provides a faster cut, but less smooth than a straight stroke.

What’s the difference between a 10 and 15 amp reciprocating saw?

There’s a big difference between using a 10-amp reciprocating saw and a 15-amp one. Both have their place and can be the best corded reciprocating saw—it just depends on what you’re cutting. Reciprocating saws with 10 to 12-amp motors are high on value and trade-off performance for a lighter design.

Which is the best reciprocating saw brushless or cordless?

Corded and V20* cordless reciprocating saws get you through the most demanding demolition and remodeling projects. And our high-performance brushless cordless reciprocating saw requires less maintenance and delivers more power.

Which is a better reciprocating saw Milwaukee or SKILSAW?

Not only are the 15-amp saws heavier than other power levels, Skilsaw is a hefty 2.6 pounds heavier than Milwaukee overall. In general, lower power reciprocating saws have less vibration than the more powerful models.