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Is 4g93 a good engine?

This engine is extremely reliable and has a good fuel economy. Under the hood, you have a cylinder block that is made of cast iron, with a deck height of 208.75 mm, 133.35 mm rod length, 30.8 mm compression height, 81-mm cylinder bore, and a piston stroke of 89.8 mm.

What is DOHC MIVEC engine?

MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control system) is the brand name of a variable valve timing (VVT) engine technology developed by Mitsubishi Motors. MIVEC was first introduced in 1992 in their 4G92 powerplant, a 1,597 cc naturally aspirated DOHC 16 valve straight-4.

What is MIVEC Mitsubishi?

MIVEC is a type of VVT engine technology developed by Mitsubishi Motors and it is used on all Mitsubishi engines. MIVEC controls the frequency a valve lift event occurs and the timing of air flow intake and exhaust and it increases power and torque output over a range of various engine speeds.

Is MIVEC reliable?

1.6 MIVEC Problems & Reliability The motor was built according to the so-called old technique, and the only wish turned out to be a start / stop system.

What’s the difference between a 4G92 and a4g93?

Under the hood, 4G92 engines, compared to the4G93s, has a lower cylinder block with a deck height of 188.75 mm; has a connecting rod length of 120 mm, piston compression height at 30mm, cylinder bore at 81 mm, and a new crankshaft with a 77.5 mm piston stroke.

What’s the valve clearance on a 4G92 engine?

Most popular 4G92 SOHC has no hydraulic lifters, and valve adjustment is needed after about every 30,000 miles (50,000 km). Here is the valve clearance for a hot engine: IN 0.2 mm, EX 0.3 mm; valve clearance for a cold engine: IN 0.1 mm, EX 0.2 mm.

How many horsepower does a 4G92 SOHC engine have?

4G92 SOHC is a version for saving fuel, it only has 94 HP. The camshaft is 254/246 degrees. For the domestic Japanese market, 113 HP 4G92 SOHC were released because of the higher cam. The compression ratio of these engines is 10:1, their fuel injector size is 190 cc, and the size of the throttle body is only 48 mm.

What kind of engine does a 4G92 MIVEC have?

– 4G92 MIVEC Silvertop with the rev limiter at 7,800 rpm. – 4G92 MIVEC-MD, where the engine ran as an 8V at lower rpm and saved fuel. – 4G92 MIVEC RS Blacktop with a different intake manifold, camshafts, and valves, a lightweight flywheel, and a new exhaust system.