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How to view air photos in British Columbia?

Air Photo Viewer. The Air Photo Viewer tool allows users to view and order aerial photographs of British Columbia, known as air photos. Low-resolution air photos may be viewed, printed and downloaded using the Air Photo Viewer. If available, full-resolution air photo images can be purchased from the Base Map Online Store.

How to view an air photo on Google Earth?

Use the Google Earth controls to zoom in on an air photo coverage area, shown in red. As you zoom in, flight lines are shown in red and air photo centres are shown as yellow circles. Air photo centres are only visible at a height (eye altitude) of less than 32 km or 20 miles.

How old are the aerial photos of British Columbia?

Most areas of British Columbia are covered by air photos that are less than ten years old, with large areas covered by medium scale photography. Black and white aerial photography is available for all of B.C. at a variety of scales and, in some areas, dating back more than fifty years.

Where can I get a digital air photo?

Air photos are available to order as high-resolution digital files. Digital air photos can be certified as to true copies and date of exposure for court or litigation purposes. Air photos can be ordered from the Base Map Online Store or opened in Google Earth:

How to find a film in British Columbia?

You can search by British Columbia Geographical System (BCGS) or National Topographic System (NTS) mapsheet, by latitude and longitude coordinates, by civic address, or even by a geographical feature name. If you wish to find the coverage of a specific film roll or frame you can do that too.

Which is the best browser for BC Air?

Supported browsers include current versions of Edge, Opera, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. The BC Air Photo Viewer lets you display and order air photos taken between 1996 and 2012.