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How old was Ravi Zacharias when he died?

Even a limited review of Zacharias’s old devices revealed contacts for more than 200 massage therapists in the US and Asia and hundreds of images of young women, including some that showed the women naked. Zacharias solicited and received photos until a few months before his death in May 2020 at age 74.

How old was John Zacharias when he died?

Zacharias solicited and received photos until a few months before his death in May 2020 at age 74. Zacharias used tens of thousands of dollars of ministry funds dedicated to a “humanitarian effort” to pay four massage therapists, providing them housing, schooling, and monthly support for extended periods of time, according to investigators.

What did Zacharias do to the woman in RZIM?

Zacharias warned the woman—a fellow believer—if she ever spoke out against him, she would be responsible for millions of souls lost when his reputation was damaged. The findings, alongside details revealed over months of internal reckoning at RZIM, challenge the picture many have had of Zacharias.

Who are the attorneys for Ravi Zacharias case?

Miller & Martin attorneys Lynsey Barron and William Eiselstein, hired by RZIM to investigate, interviewed 50 witnesses and examined phones Zacharias used from 2014 to 2018.

What did Ravi Zacharias say about Lori Anne Thompson?

In fact, one day after Zacharias publicly stated in 2017 that he had learned a “difficult and painful lesson” over his communication with Lori Anne Thompson, he received more photographs from another woman, investigators found. That woman went on to send him nude pictures as well. One thing did change, though.

What did the RZIM board say about Ravi Zacharias?

The RZIM board released a statement alongside the investigation expressing regret and taking some responsibility: “Ravi engaged in a series of extensive measures to conceal his behavior from his family, colleagues, and friends.