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How old was Jean Luc Ponty when he released his first album?

In 1964, at age 22, he released his debut album, Jazz Long Playing. He performed on stage in Basel, Switzerland, with string players Stuff Smith, Stéphane Grappelli, and Svend Asmussen. The performance was released as the album Violin Summit (1966).

When was Jean Luc Ponty invited to Monterey Jazz Festival?

John Lewis of the Modern Jazz Quartet invited Ponty to perform at the Monterey Jazz Festival in 1967, which led to a recording contract with the World Pacific and the albums Electric Connection (1969) with the Gerald Wilson Big Band and Jean-Luc Ponty Experience with the George Duke Trio (1969).

When did Jean Luc Ponty first tour India?

In January 2003, he toured India for the first time, seven shows in six major cities for the Global Music Festival organized by Indian violinist L. Subramaniam. He and bassist Guy Nsangué Akwa performed with Subramaniam’s band and drummer Billy Cobham who was a guest on that tour. In 2004 the DVD Jean-Luc Ponty in Concert was released.

When was Jean Luc Ponty in concert filmed?

In 2004 the DVD Jean-Luc Ponty in Concert was released. It contained a concert with his band filmed in Warsaw in 1999. The band toured in 2004 in France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Lithuania (and in Mumbai, India, in their first concert as a complete ensemble).

What kind of Violin does Jean Luc Ponty play?

Ponty has been an avid user of five-string electric violins (with a low C string) since 1978. He sometimes uses a six-string electric violin called the Violectra, with both the low C and low F strings (not to be confused with the “violectra” he played from the late 1960s to the mid-1980s that had the usual four strings but tuned an octave lower).

How many daughters does Jean Luc Ponty have?

Ponty is married and has two daughters. One daughter, Clara Ponty, is a pianist and composer; Ponty has collaborated with Clara on several projects, including her third album, Mirror of Truth (2004).