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How Old is Whitgift?

the history of john whitgift foundation. As a charity that’s more than 420 years old, we are proud of our rich heritage.

Is Whitgift School a selective?

Whitgift is academically selective and offers places to applicants whose ability and attitude fits with the School ethos; academic and co-curricular participation and contribution to the school community. It is our aim that the admissions process provides a fair assessment to all applicants.

What animals does Whitgift School have?

Whitgift has a wide variety of animals, including peacocks on the grounds since the 1930s, and flamingos. In 2005 Sir David Attenborough visited the school to open the ponds, the enclosure of which also houses various waterfowl, including Hawaiian geese.

When was the Whitgift Centre built?

October 1970
Whitgift Centre/Opened

How much money does John Whitgift Foundation give?

John Whitgift Foundation is proud to widen access to our three independent schools by offering one of the largest school fee support schemes in the UK. We currently grant more £6.5 million a year in bursaries, and combined with scholarships, we give financial support to 47% of students who attend Old Palace of John Whitgift, Trinity and Whitgift.

What is the global outlook of Whitgift School?

Whitgift provides its pupils with outstanding international opportunities and aspires to continually develop its global reach, international understanding and worldwide reputation.

How old do you have to be to go to John Whitgift School?

It accepts boys from 10-18 and welcomes girls for sixth form (ages 16-18). Whitgift is a leading independent day and boarding school for boys aged 10-18 with an innovative Junior Years curriculum, strong academic focus and broad co-curricular provision. Full, Weekly and Flexi boarding is offered from 13+.

When did Old Palace of John Whitgift become a school?

Whitgift’s former Croydon residence, the Croydon Palace became a school, opened by the Sisters of the Church and named Old Palace School. The school became part of John Whitgift Foundation in 1993 and changed its name to Old Palace of John Whitgift School.