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How old is volleyball player April Ross?

39 years (20 June 1982)
April Ross/Age
Ross, 39, was a 19-year-old sophomore at the University of Southern California when her mother, Margie, died after 10 years of being treated for metastatic breast cancer.

Who was April Ross old partner?

Jen Kessy
The pair is being coached by Ross’ former partner, Jen Kessy, who is making her coaching debut.

How much does April Ross weight?

75 kg
April Ross/Weight

Did April Ross dad remarry?

Her mother succumbed to cancer when April was still a young girl. Consequently, her father remarried, making the volleyball player acquire several other step-siblings.

Why did Carrie and April split?

In May, Kerri Walsh Jennings left the AVP tour and split with her 2016 Olympic partner, April Ross, because she believes the current power structure is preventing athletes from making a living wage in beach volleyball.

Who is Misty May-Treanor married to?

Matt Treanorm. 2004
Misty May-Treanor/Spouse

Does Olympian April Ross have children?

April Ross is not pregnant and doesn’t have any children. The 6ft 5in star has been focusing on her volleyball career and Olympic aspirations, but she does have a husband, Bradley Keenan.

When did Jen Kessy and April Ross play together?

Flash back to London in 2012 when Kessy and April Ross made it to the Olympic beach volleyball gold-medal match, ultimately falling to Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May. Kessy and Ross played together one more year after that before Kessy took a break and eventually had Aila.

Where is Jen Kessy going to be at the Olympics?

When the Olympics start on July 24, Jen Kessy will be watching with husband Andy Ces from Maine, just north of a place called Hollis Center, which is not in the middle of nowhere but once you’re on the Shy Beaver Hatchery trout farm it kind of feels like it.

How many kids does Jen Kessy have now?

There are, of course, her husband and two kids, but these are Jen Kessy’s babies. A couple of million trout that one day will end up in lakes all over Maine. Which is a far cry from the beaches of Southern California or the Olympics in Tokyo.