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How much money did ra one make?

2.07 billion INR
Ra.One/Box office

Was zero hit or Flop?

On an opening day, Zero reportedly collected around ₹ 19.35 Cr (nett) at the domestic market….Zero Hit or Flop.

Budget ₹ 200 Cr
Overseas Collection (Gross) ₹ 70.31 Cr
Worldwide Gross ₹ 186.02 Cr
Final Verdict Disaster

Does SRK charge for movies?

Actor Shah Rukh Khan has revealed that he does not take money for acting in films. “I only charge fees for endorsements, for events and live shows. I only tell producers to pay me whatever they wish, if the films do well (at the box office)”, he said. Further, Khan added, “I don’t take acting in films as business”.

Who is the cast of Ra one box office collection?

One box office collection which is an Indian superhero film. This movie is directed by Anubhav Sinha, produced by Gauri Khan. Anubhav Sinha also has written the film with Kanika DhillonJ. Movie Ra.One stars Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, and Arjun Rampal in lead roles.

What are the reviews of the movie Ra one?

Upon release, Ra.One received mixed to positive reviews, with critics praising the visual effects, action sequences, music, and the performances of Khan and Rampal, but criticising the script, direction, and screenplay.

How many screens are there in Ra one?

In India, the Hindi version of Ra.One was released across more than 4,000 plus screens worldwide- 3,100 screens in 2,100 theatres, breaking the record for the widest Bollywood release previously held by Bodyguard (2011). The Tamil and Telugu versions were released on 275 prints and 125 prints respectively.

Who is the writer of the RA one commercial?

The script, written by Anubhav Sinha and Kanika Dhillon, originated as an idea that Anubhav Sinha got when he saw a television commercial and which he subsequently expanded.