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How much is magma gold granite?

Coverage: 441.00 sq. ft….Order Here.

Thickness Slab Size Price
3/4 108×74 $7.08/sq.ft.
1 1/4 108×74 $8.26/sq.ft.
1 1/4 103×63 $8.26/sq.ft.

Where does magma gold granite come from?

Magma Gold is a granite from Brazil. This unique stone has a wide variation of earth tones primarily gold, black, rust and peach.

What level is Magma Granite?

Additional information

color Black, Gold
Price Level 3
type Granite

What is titanium granite?

Description. Titanium, a granite which originates from Brazil, is filled with elegant movement of grays, blacks, golds, creams and ivory. It is formed when molten lava is trapped below the surface of the earth and slowly cools and crystallizes into an extremely durable stone.

What level is Magma granite?

What is fusion granite?

Fusion granite is an incredibly complex granite that combines a variety of blues, whites, greys and browns to create a truly marvelous stone. It is quarried in Brazil and is occasionally called blue fire granite. As the name suggests this stone is a real “fusion” of color.

What is gold granite?

New Venetian Gold Granite is a consistent, creamy, light honey-colored stone highlighting amber, white, and black flecks. This natural stone comes from Brazil and can be used for any countertop application.

What is Alaska white granite?

Alaska White granite is a frosty blend of pale silver and frosty whites, marketed with warm neutrals and onyx hues. Imported from Brazil, this durable natural stone is available in a range of slab sizes.

How much does fusion granite cost?

How Much Does Fusion Granite Cost? The complex patterns and intense appearance of this stone makes it highly desirable. This means it has been priced as a ultra premium stone. For a 3cm thick slab of fusion granite you can expect to pay around $80 – $90 per square foot.

How much does fusion quartzite cost?

Name: “New Fusion Quartzite” Price: $46.95/sq ft Type: Quartzite Yard: Brazilian Miramar | Granite countertops kitchen, Quartzite countertops kitchen, Granite.