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How much is a SYM Wolf Classic 150?

Motorcycle Insurance:

BASE MSRP(US) $2,999.00
Dealers SYM Dealers
Warranty 24

Who makes SYM Wolf Classic 150?

SYM Wolf Classic 150 — Shore Cycles.

How much is a SYM Wolf?

Motorcycle Insurance:

Model Type Standard
BASE MSRP(US) $4,999.00
Dealers SYM Dealers
Warranty 24

Who makes Wolf motorcycle?

SYM Wolf
2016 – 2018 SYM Wolf Classic 150.

What is a SYM Wolf?

SYM, aka Sanyang Industry, one of Taiwan’s largest vehicle manufacturers, built countless CB125s under license from Honda between 1969 and 2002. Fifteen horsepower is just enough to keep ahead of buses and other urban assault vehicles. Low gearing and decent torque make the Wolf ridiculously easy to ride.

What country made SYM motorcycle?

SANYANG MOTOR CO., LTD., being the first motor manufacturer in Taiwan, after more than 60 years of development, it is still an important leading brand, and actively deploying the international market. SANYANG MOTOR CO., LTD. established in 1954, cooperating with Honda, Japan at the first place.

Is the SYM Wolf Classic 150 a motorcycle?

The SYM Wolf Classic 150 is a machine that seems to defy category. It’s a motorcycle, but SYM is best known as a scooter company. It’s on sale at scooter shops all across the country, yet with its clip-on handlebars and flat-top frame, it’s visually more at home in the current Cafe Racer renaissance.

Are there any SYM scooters in the UK?

Sym Motorcycles & Scooters For Sale UK. SYM are world renowned for over 60 years for manufacturing quality vehicles with a proven track record in reliability. Models like JET, Symphony, Wolf, Cruisym, Crox & Fiddle are recognised not only for their value but more importantly their exceptional build quality, with the longest warranties in…

How much horsepower does a Sym Wolf have?

The plant generates 9.04 pound-feet of torque at 9,000 rpm, backed up by 14.79 horsepower at 8,500 rpm; not exactly earth shattering, but again I point out the 266 pound net weight.

What kind of brake does a Sym Wolf have?

SYM threw on a twin-piston-and-anvil caliper to pinch the 240 mm front brake disc, and rear-wheel braking duties fall to the 130 mm diameter, mechanical rear-drum brake. Normally I would cringe at that, but this is a rather light machine at only 266 pounds, and the drum does bolster the dated look SYM was going for here, so the Wolf gets a pass.