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How much is a snap-on ratchet?

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This item Snap-on 3/8in Ratchet, Sealed Head, Dual 80 Technology – F80 DURATECH 3/8-Inch Drive Ratchet Handle, Ratchet Wrench, Socket Wrench, 90-Tooth, Quick-release Reversible, CR-V
Price $13199 $1399
Sold By Campbells Auction Kaya Depot
Measurement System Inch inch

What size is scaffold ratchet?

What is the socket size of a scaffold wrench? In the United States, the most commonly used scaffold wrench size is 7/8-inch and ratchet size is 19/21 mm.

What is a scaffold ratchet used for?

The Scaffolding Ratchet (part number BS-63B) is three tools in one – tools that erectors need for easily and quickly engaging the posts, fasteners, and clamps on scaffolding. Since most scaffolding uses 7/8” hex nuts, the ratchet comes with a 1/2” drive pinned 7/8” six-point socket.

Does snap-on have lifetime warranty?

For SNAP-ON brand hand tools (other than torque wrenches) and tool storage units, the warranty is a LIFETIME warranty effective as long as you own the tool. For SNAP-ON brand meters, power tools, and electronic diagnostic products, the warranty period is for ONE YEAR from the date of the original purchase.

What size socket do scaffolders use?

7/16W equates to about 21mm nut. This is the standard size for scaffolding nuts, or at least the scaffolding I have. Works well and good value. “

What is a Podger bar?

A podger spanner, or podger, is a tool in the form of a short bar, usually tapered and often incorporating a wrench at one end. Podgers are used for erecting scaffolding and steel scenery – The pointed end is used to align the bolt holes while the spanner end is used to tighten the nuts.

What is a Podger Ratchet?

What is a good quality ratchet?

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