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How much is a bale of hay in Kentucky?

The round bales they are 4 x 5 bales that weight anywhere from 850lbs to 1000lbs. We are asking $15.00 per roll and if you buy 25 to 35 we can go $14.00, 35 to 50 $13.00 and 50 or more $12.00. These bales are of good quality hay with alots of clover, timothy, alfalfa and orchardgrass.

How much is a ton of orchard grass?

Orchardgrass hay is mostly sold for horse market so an average return price of $140 per ton of hay is used.

What kind of hay is in Kentucky?

In Kentucky, the most popular hay choices for horses are alfalfa, timothy, orchardgrass and alfalfa-grass mixes. Somewhat less popular but still common are red clover, fescue, and bermudagrass. Sev- eral factors should be considered when deciding what type of hay to feed.

How much do Round bales of hay cost?

The Price of Hay Bales By Weight

Hay Quality Bale Type Maximum Price per Ton
Grade 1 Large Round $210
Grade 2 Large Square $180
Large Round $155
Grade 3 Large Square $185

Will orchard grass reseed itself?

Orchardgrass, which is native to Europe and North Africa, only produces a seedhead during its initial spring growth cycle. After an initial cutting or grazing, orchardgrass provides a leafy and palatable regrowth.

How much does it cost to farm an acre of hay?

He says it costs about $297 per acre to seed and prepare hay ground. “You are going to get more than three years out of that, but if we use three years, that’s about $100 per acre per year,” Brown says. “If you are getting $125 per ton for quality hay, you are going to see a profit of $51 per ton, or $204 per acre.

What’s the most expensive hay?

Osborne Park, Australia — The chief executive of Australian business Western Meat Packers Group (WMPG) has set a new world record for a bale of hay that cost $30,000 Australian dollars, thus setting the new world record for the Most expensive hay bale, according to the World Record Academy.

What is the current price of hay?

4 to 6 cents per pound
The approximate hay price throughout the Province is 4 to 6 cents per pound for round bales.

Does orchard grass make good hay?

Orchardgrass is a versatile grass and can be used for pasture, hay, green chop, or silage. A high-quality grass, it will provide excellent feed for most classes of livestock.

Which is better orchard grass or timothy hay?

The orchard grass is just as good if not better than timothy. Who are we? Our small KY family farm genuinely desires to implement sustainable farming practices that are wholesome, clean, and pure by ending the use of chemical farming practices that harm our soil and our health.

What kind of hay is best for small animals?

Provide your hay eating small pets and larger animals safe, healthy, tasty, 2nd & 3rd cutting hay with absolutely no additives, herbicides, or pesticides; that is a fresh natural mix of non-GMO grasses and clover. YES, clover! The orchard grass is just as good if not better than timothy. Who are we?

What kind of crops are growing in Kentucky?

Kentucky farmers are exploring industrial hemp, a crop that connects Kentucky’s past to its future. Kentucky businesses are taking that raw material and turning it into products.

Who is the Commissioner of Agriculture in Kentucky?

Commissioner of Agriculture Ryan Quarles talked to WHAS11’s Chris Williams about the enthusiasm for industrial hemp. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.