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How much does it cost to stretch wrap a pallet?

Machine Stretch Film Price Comparison Based on 1 Roll Pricing

Film/Gauge Roll Weight Cost Per Wrapped Pallet
90 Gauge 5,000’/36 lbs. $1.72
80 Gauge 5,000’/32 lbs. $1.39
63 Gauge/80 ga. EQ. 5,000’/25.75 lbs. $1.12

How are stretch wraps made?

Cast Stretch Wrap- Also called cast stretch wrap, is manufactured using a cast extrusion process. The Cast extrusion process is a continuous process by which a thermoplastic material is melted and extruded through a flat die onto a chill roll, where it is quenched and re-solidified.

How many times do you wrap a pallet?

We suggest wrapping at least 4 times around the base, keeping the wrap especially tight around the corners. Work your way up from the base, ensuring each layer overlaps the previous one. When you reach the top, start working your way back down again if required to make the load stable.

What are stretch wrap machines used for?

Orbital stretch wrap machine- The orbital stretch wrap machines are commonly used with elongated products or odd shaped products. They are commonly used with a conveyor line; they are also used with a forklift to wrap a variety of products.

What is stretch wrap film used for?

Stretch Wrap- A highly stretchable plastic film commonly made from Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) wrapped around items. The elastic recovery keeps the products tightly bound. Stretch film is used to wrap products on pallets and secure them to each other and the pallet.

What is stretch wrapping used for?

Palletized Boxes – Probably the most common and easily recognized use of stretch film.

  • Buckets – Buckets of paint,liquids,and dry goods are commonly wrapped with a heavier gauged stretch wrap.
  • Wire Reels – Film is used to unitize reels together and can be used to prevent wires from unwinding.
  • What is a stretch wrap machine?

    Stretch wrap machines are considered electrically powered and manually powered devices used to apply stretch film to a variety of goods and products. Though manual stretch wrap machines are used around the world, electrically powered machines are by far the most popular and most commonly used.