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How much does it cost to spend a week on a yacht?

The average weekly cost of a 100-foot sailing yacht is between $50,000-100,000. A weekly 80-foot catamaran charter runs around $40,000-100,000, and a week-long 100-foot motor yacht rental is anywhere between $50,000-80,000.

Who owns the yacht Amaryllis?

Andrey Borodin
AMARYLLIS yacht • Abeking & Rasmussen • 2011 • owner Andrey Borodin

Name: Amaryllis
IMO: 1010519
Price: US$ 120 million
Annual Running Cost: US$ 12 million
Owner: Andrey Borodin

How much does an amaryllis cost to charter?

You can charter the Amaryllis and take it around the Caribbean through YachtCharterFleet, with weekly prices starting at £689,000 (770,000 Euros) – not including ‘expenses’. That works out to be £57,500-a-head for a group of 12.

How much is it to rent a mega yacht?

Mega Deals on Mega Yachts. Of course, chartering a mega-yacht is still reserved for the super-rich, with prices ranging from $200,000 to more than $1 million a week – not including food, fuel and beverages. (Check out what’s available here).

Who is the owner of the yacht week?

The Yacht Week brand and concept is owned by Day 8 AB – a private limited company registered in Stockholm, Sweden. Day 8 Experiences Ltd, 4th Floor, Universal House, 88-94 Wentworth St, London E1 7SA. Travel advice from

What do you do for the yacht week?

This is The Yacht Week – the original floating festival. Seven days of sailing, exploring picturesque pockets of the world and dancing the night away with hundreds of other like-minded travellers. You’ll have your own skipper and the freedom to map your own path through stunning islands and incredible parties. Ready.

Where does yacht week take place in the world?

The Yacht Week is the original floating festival. Imagine 7 days at sea with your friends and a community of hundreds of other revellers from around the world. Sail, explore, dance and belong year round, with events in Croatia, Greece, Montenegro and the Caribbean.

When to book for yacht week UK 2022?

Bookings for summer 2022 open on Thursday 16th September. Sign up now for one hour early access at 3PM UK time to get the best yachts at the best prices! This is The Yacht Week – the original floating festival.