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How much does it cost to replace power window motor?

Then you’re in luck. The average time to replace a power window motor is 2.1 hours. That averages out to roughly $120 to $150 in labor time plus the cost of the motor itself. This can usually bring the entire job to a total of anywhere from $200 to $300, depending on make and model.

How do I know if my window switch or motor is bad?

If you suspect your power window switch is going bad or failing, watch for the following symptoms:

  1. All the windows quit working.
  2. Only one window stops working.
  3. Window works from master switch only.
  4. Windows work sometimes.

What is the difference between a power window regulator and motor?

The mechanism that moves the window up and down is called the window regulator. In some cars, the window motor comes with the window regulator as one unit (see the photo); in others, the window motor can be replaced separately. A window regulator doesn’t need any maintenance or adjustment.

Does a window regulator include the motor?

Single-Lift Drum and Cable Window Regulator The window lift components inside the door usually include a small electric motor and a window regulator assembly. The motor and regulator can be replaced separately most of the time, though both require removing the inner door panel to replace the parts.

What is the difference between a window motor and a window regulator?

How to install a new power window motor?

Installing a New Power Window Motor 1 Slide the new motor and regulator back into place. Insert the power window motor and regulator back into the main service port in the door in exactly the opposite order that you removed them in when disassembling the door.

Is the power window motor the same size as the regulator?

The power window motor is much smaller than the regulator, but should be located close by. In most applications, the bolts securing the motor to the door are the same size as the regulator mounting bolts. Remove them and set them someplace safe as well.

How do you remove a power window regulator?

Remove the window regulator bolts. The window regulator runs the width of the interior portion of the door and moves back and forth in order to raise and lower the window. Find the bolts that hold the regulator to the door and remove them with a socket or open ended wrench.