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How much does it cost to buy a food truck in Australia?

Used food trucks can be purchased in Australia for at least $15,000. Purpose-built, new trucks can cost $100,000, or more [2]. Since food trucks are typically a more minor operation than conventional sit-in restaurants, startup costs are much lower.

How much do food trucks cost to buy?

On average, most food truck entrepreneurs spend between $70,000 and $80,000 on their food truck. The total price of buying a food truck can amount anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000 depending on how you acquire the truck, customize it for your needs, and your local permit and licensing requirements.

Is it worth buying a food truck?

Yes, food trucks can earn a lot of money. However, most of them typically spend almost all they make. Unfortunately, your fixed costs don’t change, and your bills come due every month. You can earn a decent living as a food truck owner only if you intend to work in the truck.

How do I start a food truck in Australia?

Legal Obligations Checklist

  1. Research registration and licence requirements.
  2. Determine your ‘food business classification’
  3. Register your business, pay fees, and complete required local council paperwork.
  4. Determine any other licences or permits you may need in order to operate.
  5. Download and review the Food Standards Code.

What are the negatives of owning a food truck?


  • Running a food truck business is not a job and ‘business hours’ don’t exist: it requires a significant investment of personal time and planning.
  • Food trucks can still fail – meaning a drain on financial resources and time lost.

Where are all the food trucks in Australia made?

All food vans & food trucks are Australian made. They are all built on our factory floor Campbellfield Victoria. Please note: this trailer built by our company & IT IS NOT FOR SALE photos used for advertising purposes only.

Is there such a thing as a food truck?

The food truck phenomenon has taken hold of the world’s imagination. The public has embraced eating at these tasty and convenient mobile eateries, and budding entrepreneurs are taking notice. With the right new or used food truck or concession trailer married to the right foods, you can build the custom food vending business you have always wanted.

How big is a food truck concession trailer?

They are moved by being pulled behind a vehicle. Concession trailers are commonly 8 feet to 53 feet long and are normally 8 1/2 feet wide. With the large size comes more storage space and cooking area than what is offered by a food truck. Food trailers are the most useful when parking in long-term locations, and these items can be found on eBay.

How big is a typical food truck kitchen?

The size of the kitchen area is usually in the range of 10 feet to 26 feet, with the most common size being 16 feet or 18 feet of kitchen space. Food trucks have been around for years, but lately they have become more popular as a result of today’s modern food truck movement, which started in 2008.