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How much does Dan Andrews get paid?

In 2019, an independent tribunal granted Andrews an 11.8% salary increase, giving him a total salary of $441,000 and making him the highest-paid state premier in the country. Andrews received praise for his leadership during the 2019–20 Victorian bushfires.

What nationality is Daniel Andrews?

Daniel Andrews/Nationality

How do I contact the Premier of Victoria?

Contact Details

  1. Role Occupant. The Hon Daniel Andrews MP.
  2. 03 9651 5000.
  3. [email protected].
  5. Premier. Leader of the Labor Party.
  6. Leader of the Labor Party. Member for Mulgrave.
  7. Level 1.
  8. Region.

What age is Daniel Andrews?

49 years (July 6, 1972)
Daniel Andrews/Age

What is the premier salary?

Jurisdiction Current basic salary Total salary of premier or chief minister
New South Wales $153,280 From 1 July 2015 $298,896
Northern Territory $153,312 From 1 January 2016 $306,624
Queensland $151,425 From 1 September 2015 $385,721
South Australia $157,040 From 1 January 2016 $314,040

Who is Daniel Andrews wife?

Catherine Andrewsm. 1998
Daniel Andrews/Wife

Where is the Victorian Premier?

Premier of Victoria
Seat 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne
Appointer Governor of Victoria by convention, based on appointee’s ability to command confidence in the Legislative Assembly
Term length At the Governor’s pleasure contingent on the premier’s ability to command confidence in the lower house of Parliament

How much does the Premier of Victoria get paid?

Premier of Victoria
First holder William Haines
Deputy Deputy Premier of Victoria
Salary AU$441,439

How do you address a premier in email?

If you have any questions about this collection of personal information, you may contact the Premier’s office at 780-427-2251 or email [email protected].

What school does Noah Andrews go to?

The students who didn’t give permission to publish their scores are not included.

Given Name Surname School
Noah Michael ANDREWS Mazenod College, Mulgrave
Luca PALERMO Mazenod College, Mulgrave
Clyde Andrew Salo ALFEREZ Mazenod College, Mulgrave
Luca PALERMO Mazenod College, Mulgrave