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How much does an air sampler cost?

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What is high volume Sampler?

An instrument called a high volume air sampler is used to collect TSP samples. The high volume air sampler draws a large known volume of air through a pre-weighed filter for 24 hours. As shown in the illustration, the sampler filter traps the TSP particles as air passes through the instrument.

What is a PM 10 Sampler?

A PM10 high volume air sampler is a federal reference method (FRM) instrument designed to collect ambient particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter of 10µm or less.

What is SAS air sampler?

SAS air samplers are portable devices used to capture the microorganisms present within an indoor environment. Known volumes of air are drawn through numerous holes present on the lid of the device and deposited onto the surface of an agar plate contained within the equipment.

What is dual dust high volume sampler?

The High Volume Dust Sampler is meant for monitoring the Total Suspended Particles (TSP) in ambient air conditions. It also simultaneously used for sampling the pollutant gases like SO2, NOX, CL2 H2S, and CS2. These gases are analyzed to determine the concentration of specific pollutant.

What is the flow rate in high volume sampler for passing air?

The TSP high volume air sampler collects total suspend particulates in the air. The vacuum motors pulls ambient air onto the 8″ x 10″ glass fiber filter at a flow rate between 39-60 cfm. TSP air particulate samplers do not use a particle separator which results in the collection of all ambient particulates.

How does a SAS air sampler work?

What is microbial air sampler?

In active monitoring a microbiological air sampler physically draws a known volume of air through or over a particle collection device which can be a liquid or a solid culture media or a nitrocellulose membrane and the quantity of microorganisms present is measured in CFU (colony forming units)/m3 of air.