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How much does a Westie puppy cost UK?

Average Cost to keep /care for a West Highland Terrier If you are looking to buy a Westie, you would need to pay anything from £300 to over £900 for a well-bred pedigree puppy.

How much does a West Highland terrier puppy cost?

Usually, the average cost of purchasing a pet quality puppy from a reputable breeder is about $1,200 to $2,500. However, for a Westie puppy with top breed lines and a superior pedigree, you may need to pay between $3,500 and $5,000.

Can West Highland terriers be left alone?

Leaving Westies alone at home can cause them to become bored, lonely and depressed. An appropriate second pet, a responsible neighborhood child or a senior citizen who can provide playtime, affection or a short walk could be considered as an option to break up the routine of the day for your Westie.

Are Westies prone to anxiety?

Westies are an adorable, highly active, and most importantly a non-violent breed of dogs. However, as nature has it, owners can easily “trigger” separation anxiety in Westies, either due to their negligence or just simply due to insufficient knowledge.

Are Westies good for first time dog owners?

Other breeds Robinson recommends for first-time dog owners include three smaller breeds – the West Highland terrier (Westie), the Cavalier King Charles spaniel and the shihtzu (pictured). She said Westies are generally sweet and petite, and they do well with obedience training. They are also nearly odorless.

Are Westies good alone?

Your West Highland Terrier shouldn’t be left alone for too long unless you’re prepared to loose your slippers, or worse, to their eager clutches. An affable breed by nature, Westies are also good with other dogs as long as they have been properly socialised as puppies.

Are there any registered West Highland Terrier pups?

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When did Westie rehoming start in the UK?

UK Westie ReHoming is a charity established in 2002, dedicated to the welfare and rehoming of the West Highland White Terrier. We take in westies needing a new start in life for whatever reason and place them into a suitable home where they will be loved and have their needs met.

What kind of dog is Billy the West Highland Terrier?

Billy is a cheeky character very well socialised with children and other pets, adores a shoulder to sit on as well as a window sill to watch. Been brought up in a family environment, Billy has been microchipped