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How much does a perception Pescador 12 weigh?

64 lbs.

Length: 12′ / 365 cm Width: 32.5″ / 82 cm
Boat Weight: 64 lbs. / 29 kg Deck Height: 14.5″ / 37 cm
Max Capacity: 375 lbs. / 170 kg

How wide is a perception Pescador?


Length: 10′ 6″ / 323 cm Width: 32″ / 81 cm
Boat Weight: 57 lbs. / 26 kg Deck Height: 14″ / 36 cm
Max Capacity: 325 lbs. / 147 kg

How much does a Pescador kayak weigh?

Comfort, Stability, Safety & Durability

Pescador 10 Pescador 12
Boat Weight 57 lbs. 64 lbs.
Deck Height 14″ 14.5″
Max Capacity 325 lbs. 375 lbs.
Designed, molded, and hand assembled in the USA

Where are Perception kayaks made?

Greenville, South Carolina
We’re a company of passionate kayakers that proudly design, mold and hand-assemble every Perception kayak in Greenville, South Carolina. In every model and size, Perception kayaks are known for personal touches that make kayaking fun for paddlers of all experience levels.

How big is a perception Pescador kayak?

The Pescador is 12′ long with a 32.5″ beam and 14.5″ deck height. Its weight of 64 lbs is pretty light for a 12-foot kayak. It is easy to load onto the car racks or into the bed of your truck. A replaceable skid plate also makes it easy to drag the boat to and from the water. The relatively low weight provides better storage options.

What do you need to know about the Pescador 12.0?

Precision cut to specifically fit the Pescador 12.0. The Perception Silent Traction Kit – Pescador 12.0 (sold seperatly) provides die cut non-absorbant foam panels to insulate, deaden sound and provide added grip — simple peel & stick design ideal for customising your fishing rig or just adding extra style and comfort to your kayak.

What are the features of a perception kayak?

The Perception Pescador Pro series of sit-on-top fishing kayaks are outfitted with the features and performance serious anglers demand. Fast, stable, and designed to track straight in variable conditions—it’s the total package for effortlessly covering water on your favorite lake, pond, or flat-water river to find the fish.

Are there rod holders for Pescador 12.0 kayaks?

The longer length of the 12.0 model remains maneuverable while adding speed, cargo space, and stability—perfect for accessing quiet waters beyond the reach of other boaters. The two molded-in rod holders are compatible with the Rod-X Pro accessory (sold separately).