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How much does a Montauk sofa cost?

Montauk Sofa’s sectionals start from $9,000, and can be custom-ordered in tens of thousands of fabric options. (Montauk also has maple kiln-fired hardwood-frame sofas that start from $4,500).

Who owns Montauk sofa?

Tim Zyto
Since Montauk Sofa’s first store opened in Montreal in 1995, Owner Tim Zyto and Head Designer and Executive Manager Danny Chartier have worked together to build with a reputation for quality.

What does the word Montauk mean?

pl. Montauk or Mon·tauks. 1. A member of a Native American people formerly inhabiting the eastern end of Long Island in New York. 2.

Why is Montauk so popular?

Montauk is a major tourist destination and has six state parks. It is particularly famous for its fishing, claiming to have more world saltwater fishing records than any other port in the world.

Why is Montauk popular?

How is Montauk pronounced?

  1. Phonetic spelling of montauk. mon-tauk. Mon-tauk.
  2. Meanings for montauk.
  3. Examples of in a sentence. Montauk Pearl Oysters for Your Kitchen and More. Brawl erupts at posh Montauk Yacht Club. Airbnb slobs are causing a ruckus in Montauk.
  4. Translations of montauk. Arabic : مونتوك Japanese : モントーク Russian : Монток Chinese : 蒙托克的

Is Montauk considered the Hamptons?

Montauk May Be Considered Part of “The Hamptons” While North Hampton, Southampton and Montauk all lie against the Atlantic Ocean, Montauk also shares its coast with a harbor, pond and several bays.

Where are the Montauk sofas made in Montreal?

All Montauk Sofa upholstered products are hand made at their Montreal factory in St. Henri. Montauk sofas always start out with a traditional solid wood frame covered with springs which are held in place by eight-strand flax rope (the highest standard in the industry), all covered by memory foam and down filled feather cushions.

What kind of fabric is a Montauk chair made of?

Montauk Chair with new custom Montauk slip cover. Its an amazingly comfortable chair and it looks great as well. The cover is a Linen fabric in an Oatmeal color. Chair is 40 W x 40 D x 38 H

Who is the designer of the Montauk brand?

Zyto brought in Danny Chartier, as head designer and executive manager and together they made up the yin and yang of what is today recognized as the Montauk brand. The larger than life minimalist cool space soon became a magnet for the ne plus ultra clientele and the go to destination for interior designers and decorators across the city.