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How much does a model train set cost?

New model trains can run you anywhere from $50 right up to $1000 depending on what you’re willing to spend. Old model trains, or ones that have history attached to them, can set you back tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s just for the train, not the whole layout either!

Is Marklin still in business?

In 1971 Märklin pioneered the Z scale, 1:220 trains that can be deployed in very small spaces. But amid declining interest in the new millennium, the company was sold to Kingsbridge Capital in 2006 and declared bankruptcy in 2009. The company exited bankruptcy in 2010 with 400 fewer employees.

Are Model trains still popular?

Model railroading might not be as popular as it was 50 years ago, but as long as men, young and old, are fascinated with trains, the hobby isn’t going anywhere. “Our hobby may not be as popular as it was 20 years ago or more, but it is still fairly popular. There are plenty of people who are still really into it.”

Where can I get discounts on model trains?

Through Factory Direct Hobbies’ online hobby shop there is absolutely no shortage of discounted trains, locomotives, scenery sets and other excellent model railway accessories that will help you get on your way to developing the model railroad of your dreams, bringing your childhood passion to life.

What can you do with a model train?

From railroad crossings and semaphores to DCC decoders and systems, there is no shortage of things to do, see, touch, tinker with and enjoy in model railroading. Collecting for and building a model train layout doesn’t have to be costly.

What are the names of the Canadian railroads?

We specialize in road names that are seen on Canadian railroads including: Canadian Pacific (CP), Canadian National (CN), BC Rail, VIA Rail, BNSF, and Union Pacific. Contact us when you’re looking for model train products for your train collection or layout (including locomotives, rolling stock, decoders, accessories & layout supplies).

Which is the largest hobby store in Canada?

Hobby Wholesale is one of the largest hobby stores in all of Canada and your online hobby megastore. Hobby Wholesale provides products for all of your hobbies from astronomy to science, remote controlled cars, planes and trains to rocketry.