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How much does a Brompton service cost?

Insurance, repairs and twice-yearly servicing are included. The bikes typically cost £1,000 or more to buy. Brompton already has a bike hire arm that allows people to hire a bike for a day for £6.50. If they pay a £25 annual fee, the daily price falls to £3.50.

How often should you service a Brompton?

every 9-12 months
How often should I get my Brompton serviced? It depends how heavily the bike is used: a low mileage user will be fine with a service once a year, a commuter would benefit from a service every 6 months. As a general rule, we recommend a full service every 9-12 months.

Do Brompton bikes hold their value?

Generally they tend to hold their value. Do make sure you buy from a reliable source, as there is always the chance that a second hand Brompton has been stolen.

How do you clean Brompton brakes?

Wash your Brompton bike Don’t use a hose or Jet-wash to clean your bike, this will force water into areas like the hubs, hinges and headset, pushing out the grease inside and damaging bearings. Give the frame parts, wheels and underside of the bike (where dirt will mostly accumulate) a thorough clean.

What is a Brompton service?

Complete Brompton Service Remove wheels, degrease drivetrain and clean main frame. Visual inspection of bike for damage. Check and replace pads, cables and tyres if worn. Check bottom bracket for wear. Check chainring bolts and crank bolts are correctly torqued.

Where are bromptons made?

Handmade In London Since 1975 Each bike is hand brazed by a skilled craftsman at our London factory. This makes every bike incredibly tough and unique. Each brazer is trained by Brompton for 18 months and has a ‘signature’ which they stamp on the parts of the bike that they work on.

Is Brompton warranty transferable?

Yes. “The warranty may be transferred to the subsequent owners for the balane of the remaninf period”.

Why are Brompton so expensive?

Brompton bicycles are expensive because their frames are hand-built in England. They use brazing, which is lighter and stronger than welding, but also more difficult and laborious. The price also reflects many proprietary components, which help them perform well despite folding up so small.

Does Brompton rust easily?

Consequently, the inside surface of the frame on a Brompton is unpainted and can appear ‘rusty’ but this will only be a surface discolouration due to the chemical anti-corrosion treatment. As the steelwork is protected from corrosion there is no need to apply any rustproofing or similar to seal the tubes.

When should I replace my Brompton chain?

Re: Brompton chain replacement strategy Normally 0.75% is considered the point to change the chain but not the sprocket(s), and 1% or more to change both.