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How much does a Arctic Cat 300 cost?

Arctic Cat 300 Price The MSRP of an Arctic Cat 300 ranged from $3,999 to $5,199, depending on the year and trim.

How much does a Arctic Cat cost?

Based on the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), before taxes and fees, a 2020 Arctic Cat ATV costs between $6,000 and $21,000.

How fast is the Arctic Cat 300 4×4?

Hit the jump for more information on the Arctic Cat 300. Top Speed: 58 mph (Est.)…Specifications.

Engine Type SOHC, 4-Stroke, 4-Valve
Dry Weight 477 lbs.
Front / Rear Rack Capacity 50 / 100 lbs.
Towing Capacity 500 lbs.
Hitch Type Flat Plate with Hole

Is the Arctic Cat 300 4 wheel drive?

Another cool feature of the 300 4×4 is the on-demand four wheel drive, a feature we would like to see carried up to Arctic Cat’s 454 4×4. The two new 300cc models share eight inches of ground clearance, and sport front and rear racks that hold 75 and 150 pounds respectively, as standard equipment.

What engine does Arctic Cat ATV use?

– Arctic Cat is getting into the engine business. The Thief River Falls maker of snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles has bought nearly all of its engines from Suzuki, which owns 32 percent of Arctic Cat. The company said most of its engines will still come from Suzuki.

Do they still make Arctic Cat 4 wheelers?

In 2017, Arctic Cat produced its final model year for ATVs after joining Textron with the Alterra continuing under the Textron Off Road brand name. The Arctic Cat brand will return to side-by-side lines in 2019, for model year 2020 vehicles.

How fast is a Arctic Cat?

How fast does a Arctic Cat 120 go? With a displacement of 123 cubic centimeters from a bore and stroke of 56mm by 50mm, the diminutive single cylinder engine can be contained via a governor, the training wheels of youth snowmobiles, to keep top speed to 8 miles per hour.

Where is VIN number on Arctic Cat ATV?

You can find an Arctic Cat’s VIN sticker under the back left wheel well, but sometimes the VIN’s location can vary by year and model. The 10th digit in the VIN will show what year it was made, but you will have to decode it.

What are the features of an Arctic Cat 300 4×4?

The 4×4 has extended fenders to keep mud at bay (they’re worth it), a speedometer (with tripmeter), and an additional gear range (super low). Another cool feature of the 300 4×4 is the on-demand four wheel drive, a feature we would like to see carried up to Arctic Cat’s 454 4×4.

When did Arctic Cat make their first ATV?

In the summer of 1996 Arctic Cat, fine purveyors of snowmobiles and watercraft, began producing ATVs. After intense market research, the company found that the big-bore segment of today’s ATV market was the fastest growing, so they decided to initially start at the top, introducing their 454cc model.

Who is the manufacturer of Arctic Cat snowmobiles?

Founded in 1960, Arctic Cat is a North American manufacturer of recreational vehicles. Although the company produces ATVs and Prowlers, they are primarily known for their high performance snowmobiles. SNOWMOBILES – Manufacturer will not release missing weight information. Contact manufacturer for weight specifications.