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How much did a Levittown house cost in 1950?

The first homes in Levittown cost new residents around $7,000. For veterans, there was no down payment.

What were the two main styles of houses in Levittown?

THE PENNSYLVANIAN & THE COLONIAL Introduced during the last few years of construction, the Pennsylvanian and the Colonial were built in much smaller numbers and in only a few sections. Both styles reappeared in his third development in Willingboro, New Jersey.

Are there any Levittown houses left?

Short answer: Probably not. Long answer: The homes have all been altered, expanded or rebuilt since the first house went up 70 years ago, according to the Levittown Historical Society. Levittown began as the first modern suburb in the United States.

What is a Levittown house?

Levittown refers to the seven large suburban developments of a planned community initially created on Long Island in the United States. Levittown was a post-war housing project consisting of mass-produced homes. The newly built suburban communities offered attractive alternatives to the cramped central city locations.

How much did it cost to buy a home in Levittown?

Available only to World War II veterans and their families–and only white veterans at that–the first Levittown house cost $6,990 with nearly no money down. Levitt built 17,447 houses in the next four years. On average, Levitt’s builders finished 12 houses per day , and the tract house was here to stay.

What did a Levittown home look like?

A house could be built in one day when effectively scheduled. This enabled quick and economical production of similar or identical homes with rapid recovery of costs. Standard Levittown houses included a white picket fence, green lawns, and modern appliances.

How much did a house cost in Levittown?

What was wrong with Levittown?

The Construction of Levittown One problem was a severe housing shortage.

What are the pros and cons of Levittown?

The pros were people have a better way of livingto support their family and the community feel of suburbs appealed to the family oriented population. The only con was that only available to whites were the people agreed to never sell home to blacks.

Is Levittown NY A good place to live?

Levittown is in Nassau County and is one of the best places to live in New York. Living in Levittown offers residents a sparse suburban feel and most residents own their homes. Many young professionals live in Levittown and residents tend to lean liberal. The public schools in Levittown are highly rated.

What is Levittown PA famous for?

Levittown, Pennsylvania was the second “Levittown” built by William J. Levitt, who is often credited as the creator of the modern American suburb. To speed up construction, Levitt & Sons perfected a 26-step rationalized building method that was essentially an assembly line type of home building.

What rules did Levittown have?

Levittown was built on rules. No fences around the yards. Grass had to be maintained and trimmed. Clothes could only be hung to dry in the backyard on weekdays.

How many houses were built in Levittown New York?

The potato fields located 25 miles east of Manhattan on Long Island was named Levittown, and the Levitts began to build a huge suburb. The new development ultimately consisted of 17,400 homes and 82,000 people.

What was the look of Levittown in the 1950s?

Levittown in the 1950s. At first, all the homes were built in the same style, and some residents even admitted to walking into the wrong house at times because they couldn’t tell them apart. The picturesque community was lined with greenery. In fact, a tree was planted every 28 feet in Levittown.

When did Levittown New York change its name?

As thousands of people began buying these inexpensive homes, the community changed its name from Island Trees to Levittown in 1948. By 1951, Levittown and the surrounding area included over 17,000 Levitt-designed homes, including the much newer “ranch house” design.

What was the original plan for Levittown Long Island?

Levittown, Long Island originally planned to feature 2,000 of these mass-produced homes. About half the properties were rented within just two days of the community’s 1947 announcement. An additional 4,000 homes in Levittown, which before the Levitts was rather undeveloped, were added to construction plans.