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How much air should I put in my FOX Float shock?

To achieve the best performance from your FOX suspension, adjust the air pressure to attain your proper sag setting. Sag is the amount your suspension compresses under your weight and riding gear. Sag range should be set to 25–30% of total shock travel.

How do you identify FOX shocks?

Grey market forks often can be identified by a “scratched-off” serial number. If you are considering the purchase of a FOX fork do ensure that the serial number is unaltered and legible. Counterfeit suspension forks can vary in visual appearance and may be harder to identify.

Can you adjust Fox 2.0 shocks?

The optional rebound adjust feature on FOX 2.0 coil-over shocks gives the ability to externally adjust the shock rebound damping. Adjustments are made using a small flat- bladed screwdriver on the eyelet at the end of the shock shaft. For slower rebound, turn the screw clockwise.

How long do Fox shocks last?

What Fox, King, Icon, and every other high performance shock manufacturer doesn’t put in their marketing language is that their race-level shocks are typically only good for 30-50k miles, depending on how much offroad and aggressive terrain the shocks see.

Where can I find the manual for Fox float rp23?

Have a look at the manual for your specific RP23 or download it from the fox website. The propedal settings for my RP23 are. I just got a Fox RP23 shock.

What should I use to clean my fox ridefox shock?

Check the maintenance schedule for your shock. Wash your shock with soap and water only. Do not use a high pressure washer to clean your shock. Internal service should be performed by FOX or an Authorized Service Center. Clean the outside of your shock with soap and water and wipe dry with a soft dry rag.

Can you use a high pressure washeron on Fox Racing Shox?

Do not spray water directly on the seal/shock body junction. Do not use a high pressure washeron your shock. Inspect the entire exterior of your shock. The shock should not be used if any of the exterior parts appear to be damaged. Contact your local dealeror FOX Racing Shoxfor further inspection or repair.

How can I repair my Fox Racing Shox pump?

Any damage to this valve is repairable only by an Authorized Fox Service Center. Thread the FOX Racing Shox High Pressure Pump hose onto the air valve until the pump indicates a pressure reading on the gauge. Turn an additional 1¼ turns, however do not over-tighten.