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How many puffs are in a 100 mcg inhaler?

Each canister contains 200 puffs.

How many puffs a day of Clenil Modulite 100?

Each canister of Clenil inhaler contains 200 puffs. If you are prescribed a starting dose of 200 micrograms twice daily, and you are using a Clenil 100 micrograms inhaler, this would mean taking 4 puffs a day, so your inhaler should last for 50 days.

Is beclometasone dipropionate the same as Clenil Modulite?

Beclometasone dipropionate CFC-free pressurised metered-dose inhalers (Qvar ® and Clenil Modulite ®) are not interchangeable and should be prescribed by brand name; Qvar ® has extra-fine particles, is more potent than traditional beclometasone dipropionate CFC-containing inhalers, and is approximately twice as potent …

How many doses are in a brown inhaler?

The usual dose is 1 or 2 puffs, taken twice a day. It’s important to use your beclometasone inhaler regularly to manage your condition. Keep using it, even if you do not have any symptoms.

Does Clenil Modulite cause weight gain?

A: NO. Your inhaler contains such a low dose of steroids that it will not make you put on weight. Sometimes steroid tablets can make you feel hungry, and eating more will make you start to gain weight. The tablets themselves don’t make you gain, so eat your normal amounts while you take them and you should be fine.

How long should a Clenil inhaler last?

Preventer inhaler

Number of puffs in the new inhaler Puffs taken per day How long inhaler should last
100 2 puffs twice daily 25 days
1 puff twice daily 50 days
60 2 puffs twice daily 15 days
1 puff twice daily 30 days

Can you drink alcohol with Clenil Modulite?

to treat a sudden attack of breathlessness. Talk to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse before using Clenil Modulite if any of the following applies to you: you are being, or have ever been, treated for tuberculosis (TB). you must avoid alcohol for any reason.

Can you buy Clenil Modulite over the counter?

Clenil Modulite is a prescription only medicine and is not available to buy over the counter. You must be prescribed asthma medication by your GP or healthcare professional.

Can Clenil Modulite cause baldness?

The list of possible effects is long; it includes mood changes, forgetfulness, hair loss, easy bruising, a tendency toward high blood pressure and diabetes, thinning of the bones (osteoporosis), suppression of the adrenal glands, muscle weakness, weight gain, cataracts, and glaucoma.

Can Clenil Modulite cause sore throat?

Side effects of steroid inhalers Steroid inhalers usually cause few or no side effects if used correctly and at normal doses. Some people get: a sore mouth or throat. a hoarse or croaky voice.

Is Clenil Modulite a steroid inhaler?

Clenil Modulite pressurised inhalation solution is used to help prevent the symptoms of mild, moderate or severe asthma. The active ingredient, beclometasone dipropionate, is one of a group of medicines called corticosteroids which are often referred to simply as steroids.