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How many pages can Canon PG 47 print?

PG47 is one of the best cartridges for personal printing. This cartridge can give you up to 200 full-text prints in one installation.

What does PG mean on Canon ink?

pigment based ink
“PGI” stands for pigment based ink. Pigment based ink is ideal for printing documents; providing, rich, dark text and sharp output. Pigment ink tends to resist water and UV light better than dye-based ink, and is able to resist fading for up to 200 years.

How many pages can a Canon PG-245 print?

300 pages
The PG-245 XL High Capacity Black Ink Cartridge from Canon is designed for select Canon PIXMA printers and features smudge-resistant ink. The cartridge yields 300 pages based on ISO standards and features Canon’s FINE (Full Photolithographic Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) technology.

How is page yield calculated?

  1. Take your page coverage and divide it by 5 – e.g if your page coverage is 30% then you do 30 divided by 5 = 6.
  2. Take the manufacturer stated page yield and divide it by the number you calculated above – e.g the HP Q6000A Black Toner prints 2500 pages so 2500 divided by 6 = 416.6 pages.

What is the difference between CL 57 and cl57s?

A:CL 57 ‘s’ denotes Small size cartridge. CL57 denotes bigger cartridge. Both can fit well.

What is the difference between PG and CL ink?

PGI is a Pigment based ink that is used for printing text while the CLI is a Chromalife ink that is used for printing photos. The CLI Chromalife ink is more resistant to fading when used with Canon photo paper and produces finer detail.

How long do Canon starter cartridges last?

The lifetime of the Canon genuine starter toner cartridge which comes with the machine is approximately 2,500 pages, the Canon genuine replacement toner cartridge is approximately 5,000 pages. The page counts are on the basis of “ISO/ IEC 19752″* when printing A4 size paper with the default print density setting.

How many pages does XL print?

The Canon XL ink cartridge will have twice the amount of ink and can be cheaper than buying two regular packages. By looking at the cartridge packaging you will find that the XL will usually print 300 to 420 pages for most cannon printers.

Is PG-245 same as pg245xl?

The PG-245 and PG-245XL are the same ink type, the only difference is the PG-245XL has more ink in it than the standard PG-245. We hope this helps! XL is not a larger cartridge, but it has more ink supply. Forgot how many more pages it will print with this one,but it does last a lot longer for sure.