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How many miles do Firestone Destination Mt last?

We haven’t noticed any chips or tears in the lugs, either. In our experience, we’d expect the M/T2s to be good for 40,000-45,000 miles if properly maintained and rotated.

What tire size is 315 70r17?

35×12.5R17 vs 315/70R17 – WEIGHT Differences

315/70-17 35/12.5-17 Difference
Diameter inches (mm) 34.36 (872.8) 35.03 (889.72)
Width inches (mm) 12.4 (315) 12.52 (318)
Circum. inches (mm) 107.95 (2741.98) 110.04 (2795.14)
Sidewall Height inches (mm) 8.68 (220.5) 9.01 (228.96)

Are Firestone truck tires any good?

It’s one of the best rated tires of any type on the market today. It’s earned five stars for comfort, value, durability, and traction, and offers a solid 55,000-mile treadlife warranty. If any defects surface in the tires’ first three years, Firestone will replace them free of charge.

Is there a recall on Firestone Destination tires?

Voluntary safety recall includes approximately 1,923 Firestone Destination LE3 and Bridgestone Ecopia H/L 422 Plus replacement tires. Tires included in this recall were manufactured between June 14, 2020 and August 8, 2020 and are marked with a specific press identification number.

Are Firestone Destination mt2 loud?

If there are drawbacks to this tire, they are a touch loud (which to be fair, is always expected) and maybe the oddest issue we have is that they are just hard to find.

How many ply is Firestone Destination mt2?

You can count on your Destination M/T2 tires to last for a long time, thanks to their: Three-ply sidewall and serrated upper sidewall lugs, which make these mudders more resistant to chips and tears that can occur on rough ground. Debris ejectors that protect the tread from the effects of stone drilling.

What is a 315 70R17 equivalent to?

315/70 R17 in inches 315/70 R17 tires diameter is 34.4 inches, section width is 12.4 inches and rim diameter is 17 inches. So the closest and almost equal metric tire size of 315/70R17 existing size in inches is 35×12. 50R17, which is 1.74% taller and 0.81% wider.

Where are Firestone Destination tires made?

In the United States, it manufactures tires in Alabama, North and South Carolina and Arkansas. Bridgestone, a Japanese company bought out Firestone, another company with American roots, in 1998 and makes tires in North and South Carolina, Ohio, Illinois and Tennessee.