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How many members can you paging in Active Directory?

This is a large group since the range property has been returned. Active Directory is returning a maximum of 1,500 members at a time. To get at the other members you will need to ask Active Directory for the next batch (1,500 at a time…thus the term “paging”).

What can I do with an instance of directorysearcher?

When you create an instance of DirectorySearcher, you specify the root you want to retrieve, and an optional list of properties to retrieve. The SearchRoot property enables you to set additional properties to do the following tasks: Cache the search results on the local computer.

When to override server settings with directorysearcher?

If the maximum number of returned entries and time limits exceed the limitations that are set on the server, the server settings override the component settings. For a list of initial property values for an instance of the DirectorySearcher class, see the DirectorySearcher () constructor.

How to set the asynchronous property in directory search?

DirectorySearcher src = new DirectorySearcher (entry); //Set the Asynchronous property to true. src.Asynchronous = true; //Use the FindAll method to get search results. SearchResultCollection res = src.FindAll (); An asynchronous search can show results as they are found while simultaneously searching for additional results.

How to limit the number of search results in Active Directory?

SizeLimit limits the amount of results that you can retrieve at once – so your PageSize needs to be less than or equal to 1000 (Active Directory limits the maximum number of search results to 1000. In this case, setting the SizeLimit property to a value greater than 1000 has no effect.).

How can paging make your application more responsive?

Nevertheless, using paging can make your application seem more responsive. Keep in mind that the server will decide the maximum number of objects returned in a search to make sure that a user won’t overtax the system.

Is the specified directoryentry not a container?

A SearchResultCollection object that contains the results of the search. The specified DirectoryEntry is not a container. Searching is not supported by the provider that is being used.