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How many interstate highways are there in Texas?

There are 16 interstate highways in the state and 45 U. S. highways.

What interstates are in Texas?

Primary Interstate Highways

Number Length (mi) Southern or western terminus
I-44 15.398 US 277/US 281/US 287 in Wichita Falls
I-45 284.913 SH 87 in Galveston
I-49 I-49/US 59/US 71 at Arkansas state line north of Texarkana
I-69 74.9 US 59 in Rosenberg

What is the longest state highway in Texas?

State Highway 16
The longest state highway in Texas is State Highway 16, which extends 541.8 miles from Zapata in South Texas to 30 miles south of Wichita Falls.

What interstate runs from east to west in Texas?

Interstate 10
Interstate 10 (I-10) is the major east–west Interstate Highway in the Southern United States. In the U.S. state of Texas, it runs east from Anthony, at the border with New Mexico, through El Paso, San Antonio and Houston to the border with Louisiana in Orange, Texas.

What is the main highway in Texas?

Interstate Highways The Interstate Highway with the longest segment in Texas is I-10 at 880.6 miles (1,417.2 km). The shortest in the state is I-110 at 0.9 miles (1.4 km). The construction of the Interstate Highway System in Texas actually began well before these routes were designated as Interstate Highways.

How many interstates does Houston have?

Interstate Highways and U.S. Highways There are four interstate highways located in Harris County. These interstates are I-10, which runs west–east, I-45, which runs south–north, I-69, which also runs south-north, and I-610, which forms a small loop around Downtown Houston.

What is the longest straight road in Texas?

Texas State Highway 16

State Highway 16
Maintained by TxDOT
Length 541.8 mi (871.9 km)
Existed by 1926–present
Major junctions

What interstate connects San Antonio to Corpus Christi?

Interstate 37
Interstate 37 links San Antonio with Corpus Christi and the Gulf Coast in South Texas. IH 37 provides connectivity to the Rio Grande Valley with U.S. 281 / IH 69C and U.S. 77 / IH 69E.

What is considered interstate highway?

More commonly, these freeways that stretch in every direction across the United States for a total of over 47,000 miles are known as the Interstate Highway System or simply Interstates. In fact, some interstate beltways, or loops around major cities, don’t connect to other states at all.

How many miles of Highways does Texas have?

The Interstate Highway System in Texas covers 3,233.4 miles (5,203.7 km) and consists of ten primary highways, seven auxiliary highways, and the splitting of both Interstate 35 (I-35) and Interstate 69 into multiple letter-suffixed branches.

What is highway in Texas?

The Interstate Highway System in Texas covers 3,239.7 miles (5,213.8 km) and consists of twelve primary routes, seven auxiliary routes and Interstate 35 (I-35) which is split into two branches, I-35E and I-35W, that provide access to both Fort Worth and Dallas.

What is an interstate freeway?

Interstate (noun) A Interstate Highway System. Freeway (noun) A road designed for safe, high-speed operation of motor vehicles through the elimination of at-grade intersections, usually divided and having at least two lanes in each direction; a dual carriageway with no at-grade crossings, a motorway.