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How many hours do you need for a Gold Award project?

80 hours
To earn the award, each girl must complete two Senior or Ambassador journeys or complete one Senior or Ambassador journey and have earned a Girl Scout Silver Award. After completing either of these requirements, a minimum of 80 hours is suggested to complete the steps to earn the Girl Scout Gold Award.

What is a Gold Award project?

The Gold Award guidelines require that a Girl Scout research an issue, identify a root cause, and then take action to address that root cause in a measurable and sustainable way. There are no program guidelines about where the project takes place.

How do I start a Gold Award project?

Fulfilling the requirements for the Gold Award starts with completing two Senior or Ambassador Journeys or having earned the Silver Award and completing one Senior or Ambassador Journey. Each Journey you complete gives you the skills you need to plan and implement your Take Action project.

How do you write a Gold Award proposal?

How to Submit a Successful Girl Scout Gold Award Proposal

  1. Describe the issue your project will address and your target audience.
  2. Discuss your reasons for selecting this project.
  3. Outline the strengths, talents, and skills you plan to put into action.

Can you fundraise for a Gold Award?

Girls may raise money or request donations for their Gold Award project expenses, but need to follow all safety guidelines. Girls may explain the project to another adult, but then an adult – the leader, project advisor, or parent – has to actually ask for any donations of goods or services.

What percent of Girl Scouts earn their Gold Award?

The Gold Award is awarded to fewer than 6% of Girl Scouts annually. Each Gold Award Girl Scout spends 1 – 2 years on her project. Approximately one million Girl Scouts have earned the Gold Award or its equivalent since 1916. In 2016, we are celebrating 100 years of the Girl Scout Gold Award.

How do you make a Gold Award sustainable?

For a Gold Award project to be sustainable, it must create opportunities for other people to volunteer for or expand on the project in the future. While a Silver Award project could be sustainable when it teaches others a new skill or changes participants’ behaviors.

Do you have to sell cookies to earn Gold Award?

Girls do not have to sell cookies to earn highest awards, but they do need to sell cookies if they want to participate in additional money-earning activities. Girls working on their Gold Award should submit the money-earning application themselves, rather than the leader submitting the application for them.

What is the purpose of building for life 12?

BfL 12 is designed to be used at all stages of the development process, guiding design related discussions with the local community, local authority and other stakeholders. Through this process, all parties should understand what needs to be done in local circumstances to achieve as many green lights as possible, minimise ambers and avoid reds.

How does the building for life tool work?

The Building for Life tool consisted of 20 questions, or criteria, to assess the design quality of new housing developments, resulting in a numerical score.

What are the standards for building for life?

Building for Life standards are given to all entries to the Building for Life awards that score more than 14/20. Schemes that score 14/20 or 15/20 receive the silver standard while schemes scoring 16/20 or more receive the gold standard.

What is the purpose of building for life?

Building for Life is a tool for assessing the design quality of homes and neighbourhoods in England. It was developed by the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE), with partners the Home Builders Federation, the Civic Trust and Design for Homes.