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How many Discworld characters are there?

There are over 1100 individuals listed on this site. For more complete lists, please also follow links to Discworld characters, Category:Characters by book etc.

What happened to Mr Hong?

Mr Hong. Mr Hong never appears in any of the books, having (apparently) died before the start of any of the stories, but appears to form an important part of Ankh-Morpork’s collective memory.

Is death in every Discworld book?

Major Appearances Death appears in every Discworld book except for The Wee Free Men, though usually the appearance is brief.

What Discworld books does death appear in?

The Discworld books in which Death is a leading character, starting with Mort in 1987, are:

  • Mort – 1987.
  • Reaper Man – 1991.
  • Soul Music – 1994.
  • Hogfather – 1996.
  • Thief of Time – 2001.

Where do the Discworld gods live?

Mount Olympus
The major gods live in an Mount Olympus-like mountain-top kingdom in the centre of the Discworld called Dunmanifestin (“Done Manifesting”, since most of the Dunmanifestin gods tend to stay at home, mainly limiting their presence in the rest of Discworld to the occasional lightning bolt, as well as a pun on the …

What is death’s Favourite food Discworld?

But unlike the cold, stereotypical hooded figure wielding a scythe, Pratchett’s Death is a haphazard figure who we see embarking on the very human experiences of getting drunk, dancing wildly and even hankering after happiness. He likes cats. He enjoys curry.

What happens to Mort in Discworld?

Having proved himself unworthy as a scarecrow he is chosen by Death to be his apprentice. After the events of Mort, Mort leaves Death’s service and marries Ysabell. The couple are given the title of Duke and Duchess of Sto Helit, and later become the parents of Susan Sto Helit.

What gender is Death?

Death is most often personified in male form, although in certain cultures Death is perceived as female (for instance, Marzanna in Slavic mythology or Santa Muerte in Mexico).

Who is Wonse in the watch?

Wonse is a character who appears in the BBC America TV show, The Watch. The series is based off Terry Pratchett’s hit Discworld novels. She claims to be “just a cleaner,” but there is far more to her than this. She has magic powers of some sort, but objects to Carcer Dun’s description of her as a “wizard.”