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How many chains do you need to crochet a Chevron blanket?

Each multiple is made up of 25 chains. At the end of the chain, add 5 stitches. For the exact same baby blanket size, you are to chain 180 to start with as it says on the pattern.

What is the difference between Chevron and ripple?

Chevron patterns are like ripple patterns but use less stitches between the peaks and valleys. Peaks and valleys are also worked into two sets of stitches. This creates a tight fabric with sharper peaks and valleys than a ripple pattern.

How do you crochet a zig zag?

Insert your hook and dc 1, chain 2, and dc1. Insert your hook into the next 2 chain space and make 1 double crochet stitch. Chain 2 into the same stitch and double crochet another 1 stitch into the same stitch. This will form the point of the zig zag.

How to make a chevron pattern in crochet?

Insert hook into a stitch, yarn over and pull through. Repeat in next two stitches. Yarn over and pull through all 4 loops on the hook. Sc in each of next 4 st. The pattern above (3 sc, sc in each of next 4, sc3tog, sc in each of next 4) makes up the pattern repeat. When you get to the last stitch, make an additional 3 sc in the final stitch.

How to skip a stitch in a chevron pattern?

It is very easy to skip or add a stitch with a chevron pattern design. BEGINNING CHAIN: Chain a multiple of 17, then chain an additional 15. ROW 1: 1 Sc in 2nd chain from hook. 1 Sc in each of next 5 chains. 3 Sc in next chain. 1 Sc in each of next 7 chains. * skip 2 chains. 1 Sc in next 7 chains. 3 Sc in next chain. 1 Sc in of next 7 chains.

What’s the starting number for a chevron stitch?

Here’s how to crochet a basic chevron pattern in your next project. Make a starting chain that’s a multiple of 12 + 2. In this example, we used a starting chain of 50, which is (12 x 4) + 2. Good to Know: Chevron crochet consists of repeating V shapes. The number of multiples you start with is the same number of Vs you’ll make.

How many stitches in second chain of crochet?

When we made this swatch with 50 starting stitches, worsted weight yarn, and a size H crochet hook, it measured about 12″ in width. 2 sc in second chain from hook (this counts as the first 3 sc). Sc in each of the next 4 stitches. Single crochet 3 stitches together (sc3tog).