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How many briefings are there in DCUO bloguide?

Briefings are DCUO collectibles similar to Collections and Investigations. Briefings’ tokens are marked with a blue exclamation mark (!). When players complete a Briefing, they receive a unique style token. DCUO Bloguide currently has 80 briefings, which are listed below:

How long does it take to write a policy brief?

Most importantly, writing a policy brief can help change policy for the better! Policy actors are busy and do not have time to read full length academic papers. On average, policy actors spend 30-60 minutes reading a policy brief (Jones & Walsh 2008: 6).

Who is the audience for a policy brief?

The most common audience for a policy brief is the decision-maker but, it is also not unusual to use the document to support broader advocacy initiatives targeting a wide but knowledgeable audience (e.g. decision makers, journalists, diplomats, administrators, researchers).

What is the purpose of a policy brief?

The Policy Brief is a “short, neutral summary of what is known about a particular issue or problem. Policy briefs are a form of report designed to facilitate policy-making” (Eisele, 2006).

How is Mera loved in the DC Universe?

Greatly loved by both her husband and her people, Mera rules the kingdom with a firm but just hand that is rarely seen amongst the nation’s various intermittent rulers.

What happens to Mera in the Infinite Crisis?

In an effort to undo Hagen’s sorcery, Tempest gathers the most powerful Atlantean mages together and saves Mera, but this also attracts the attention of the Spectre during his rampage to wipe out all magic. Following the Infinite Crisis, Mera leads a faction of Atlanteans in rebuilding Atlantis]

Why was Mera sent to Earth by the king?

Trained as an infiltrator and killer since birth alongside her younger sister, Hila, Mera was sent by the King of Xebel through a small fissure in space-time to Earth on a mission to confront the current King of Atlantis and kill him in retaliation for their exile.