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How many albums did Dokken put out?

This is the complete discography of American glam metal band Dokken. Throughout their career, they have released 11 studio albums, 1 EP, 6 live albums, 9 compilation albums and 36 singles.

Who was the guitarist for Dokken?

George Lynch1981 – 1989
Don Dokken1979 – 1989Jon LevinSince 2003Greg LeonAlex de Rosso2002 – 2003

Formed in 1978, the group originally consisted of eponymous vocalist and guitarist Don Dokken, bassist Steven R. Barry and drummer Greg Pecka. By the time they recorded their debut album Breaking the Chains, the band’s lineup featured lead guitarist George Lynch, bassist Juan Croucier and drummer/vocalist Mick Brown.

Who played guitar for Dokken?

guitarist George Lynch
Today is the 43rd birthday of guitarist George Lynch, the on-again/off-again guitarist for pop-metal band Dokken. Lynch is now devoting his full energy to his own group, the Lynch Mob. Dokken’s seeds were sown in the late ’70s, when Lynch and drummer Mick Brown met singer Don Dokken and formed the Boyz.

Which is the best Dokken album of all time?

Studio albums 1 Breaking the Chains (1981) 2 Tooth and Nail (1984) 3 Under Lock and Key (1985) 4 Back for the Attack (1987) 5 Dysfunctional (1995) 6 Shadowlife (1997) 7 Erase the Slate (1999) 8 Long Way Home (2002) 9 Hell to Pay (2004) 10 Lightning Strikes Again (2008)

Who are the members of the band Dokken?

Dokken’s roots date back to the late ’70s, when Lynch, along with drummer Mick Brown, teamed up with Don Dokken to form the Boyz. In 1981, Don moved to Germany and was signed to Carerre Records. The band, now simply known as Dokken, recorded and released its first studio album, Breaking the Chains, in 1983.

When did Dokken’s lightning strikes again come out?

On May 13, 2008, Dokken released their first studio album in four years titled Lightning Strikes Again, which was met with critical acclaim along with increased commercial success and became the band’s highest-charting album in 13 years, debuting at No. 133 in the United States.

When did tooth and nail by Dokken come out?

The album Tooth and Nail was released on September 13, 1984. The album contained several hit songs including ” Just Got Lucky “, ” Alone Again “, and ” Into the Fire “, and sold over one million copies in the US alone, peaking at No. 49, while selling another estimated one million copies worldwide.