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How long should my road stem be?

As a rule of thumb, on a road bike you shouldn’t run a stem much shorter than 90mm or much longer than 130mm. If you need a stem length beyond those extremes, your bike frame is the wrong size.

Is 80mm road bike stem too short?

The sweet spot is generally accepted as being 100mm to 120mm, but not everyone agrees. ‘It’s a bit of a cliché that a too-short stem will over-quicken the handling. ‘Needing a 70mm-80mm stem probably means bike sizing needs to be reviewed, but many riders are happy to ride a 70 or 80 or 90mm stem without difficulty.

How does a shorter stem affect bike handling?

Using a shorter stem gives the bike quicker handling characteristics and a more responsive feel. A longer stem shifts your body weight towards the front of the bike and puts you in a better pedaling position, especially on those steep climbs.

How short is too short stem?

To put a (rough) number to it, a long stem is 100-120mm, very long stems are 130mm or more, and anything less than 90mm can be considered a short stem.

Can bike stem be too short?

Just choose what works best for you. If the people using it are happy then your stem is not too short, it is right for you. I certainly noticed the steering was more twitchy when going from 120 to 100 mm. but after 5 mins you adapt and then it is perfectly normal again.

What is the proper stem length for trail bike?

A shorter stem length also shifts your weight slightly backward and helps prevent you from dumping over the handlebars. Many downhillers enjoy stems in the 40 mm – 50 mm range, whereas trail and enduro riders go a little bit longer with 50 mm – 80 mm stems. Longer stems pull your body forward and shift more weight onto the front wheel.

What size of bike stem should you have?

The vast majority of bikes have a mid-range stem size, ranging from 60-80 millimeters in length, providing a balance of handling efficiency and comfortable physical alignment. Advanced mountain bikers often opt for a short stem of about 40 millimeters , allowing for greater off-road handling and downhill momentum.

What is a bicycle stem length?

Generally speaking, stem lengths on road bikes vary from 80 to 140mm, with 100 to 110mm perhaps the most common sizes. There are shorter and longer stems available if you’re short or very tall and ride a frame size at the extreme end of the size range.

What is the length of a road bike?

Road bikes are one type of bikes using frame measurements (in centimeters) to indicate size, and the typical road bike size is usually between 50 and 64 cm.