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How long is Cedar River Trail?

17.4 miles
At 17.4 miles in length the CRT is a paved, off-road trail for the first 12.3 miles, and features a soft surface for the last five miles. The trail follows a historic railroad route between the river and State Route 169, and passes through or near Renton, Maplewood, Cedar Mountain, Maple Valley, and Rock Creek.

Where can I see Cedar River?

  • Cedar River Boathouse (external link) City of Renton, River mile 0.
  • Cedar River Trail Park (external link) City of Renton, River mile .
  • Riverview Park (external link)
  • Maplewood Roadside Park.
  • Bucks Curve.
  • Cavanaugh Pond Natural Area.
  • Cedar Grove Natural Area.
  • Cedar Mountain Bridge; also known as Upper Jones Road Bridge.

Are dogs allowed in Cedar River?

Open year round the four-acre Cedar River Dog Park is located on the site of the historic Denny Clay Company, alongside the Cedar River Trail. Join your dog-loving neighbors in a park where all varieties of dogs have fun being off-leash and free.

Where do you float on the Cedar River?

Drop your tubes in the water at Flaming Geyser State Park and float until you reach East Green River Park. Cedar River is 45 miles long, originating in the Cascades and flowing through Renton. Enter the river from Jones Road and float until you see the Carco Theatre, that’s a great stopping point.

Can you swim in the Cedar River?

Cedar River The City of Renton does not recommend anyone swim in the river, but it’s a public waterway and certainly isn’t illegal. The advantage of rivers is they tend to be cleaner than lakes, but they’re also much colder.

Are dogs allowed at Coulon Park Renton?

Dogs, except for service animals, are not permitted in Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park, Kennydale Beach Park, or the beach at Cedar River Park.

Is Gene Coulon Park dog friendly?

For the enjoyment of all park visitors, dogs are not allowed at Gene Coulon Park and Kennydale Beach Park. Violators are subject to citations and fines.

Where does the Cedar River Trail start and end?

The Cedar River Trail follows the Cedar River from where it enters Lake Washington in the City of Renton upriver to the community of Landsburg at the boundary of the City of Seattle’s Cedar River Watershed. At 17.4 miles in length the CRT is a paved, off-road trail for the first 12.3 miles, and features a soft surface for the last five miles.

Is there parking near Lake Washington Cedar River Trail?

Parking spots near the lake have a 4-hour limit. If you are bicycling or need longer parking, park near the restrooms a quarter mile back. Bicyclists are not allowed on the first 0.6 mile of trail, but may ride on Nishiwaki Lane. Mileages listed are from the shores of Lake Washington unless otherwise noted.

What’s the speed limit on the Cedar River Trail?

Along this stretch only, bicyclists are limited to 10 miles per hour; elsewhere the limit is 15 mph. The next several miles are close to the highway, but also pass by numerous Natural Areas along the river. At 12.7 miles is the end of pavement, at a junction with the Green to Cedar River Trail.

Where are the trails in King County WA?

At Maple Valley the trail intersects the Green-To-Cedar Rivers Trail, which runs through central Maple Valley, then continues to the more secluded Rock Creek area and onto Landsburg in a wooded river valley. This soft-surface segment is popular with off-road bicyclists, joggers, walkers and equestrians.