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How long does the Howth Cliff Walk take?

two hours
The delightful Howth – Cliff Path Loop takes two hours to complete and starts from the village DART (train) station. The trail leads walkers along the charming harbour before climbing away from the village around the Nose of Howth and onto the breathtaking clifftops.

How difficult is Howth Cliff Walk?

The views on this Howth Cliff walk are absolutely spectacular: you can observe Ireland’ s Eye around 1 km north of Howth Harbour, Lambay Island and also Dublin Bay….Howth Cliff Walk Snapshot.

Hike Distance 7 km
Difficulty Easy
Duration Approx 2 hours
Total Ascent 194m
Trail Type Lopp

How far is the cliff walk?

The Cliff Walk goes from Bray to Greystones and is one of the most popular attractions Bray has to offer. The Cliff Walk is about 7 kilometres long, takes about 2 hours to complete and is suitable for all abilities. The Cliff Walk follows the coastline and boasts some of the most amazing views of the East Coast.

Is Howth Cliff Walk suitable for kids?

Howth Head Cliff Walk is ideal for families as there are no major steep rises or falls but it still remains very varied. It starts from the East Pier in Howth – an ideal DART trip – and is a looped walk of around 6.5km.

Are there bathrooms on the Cliff Walk?

The northern half of the Cliff Walk is the easiest portion to navigate. There are no other permanent public restroom facilities along the Cliff Walk.

Can you bring a buggy on Howth Cliff walk?

Several paths criss-cross the head and I personally recommend the one that forms a long loop around the Howth peninsula as it is varied and has wonderful views. This is an easy path and we did it with the kids in about 3 hours however, it is not buggy-friendly and there are some drops so caution is important.

Is Cruagh wood buggy friendly?

1.Cruagh Wood, Dublin Mountains This route is accessible to everybody including children in buggies and wheelchair users, yet is still reaches 450m high and offers fabulous views over Dublin city, making it a fantastic walk.