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How long after a link to the past is a link between worlds?

six years
The game takes place six years after the events in A Link to the Past and is set in Hyrule’s Light World.

Which timeline is a link between worlds?

Timeline Placement A Link Between Worlds takes place centuries after the events of Link’s Awakening, but before The Legend of Zelda in the “Downfall” branch of the Zelda timeline. The final cutscene of the game hints that it is likely to set immediately before Hyrule’s Golden Age.

How many links are there in Zelda?

The Hero of Hyrule has appeared in numerous forms since he debuted in 1985, with 13 different iterations of Link appearing throughout his adventures across Hyrule, Koholint Island, and Termina.

Is a link between worlds a remake of A Link to the Past?

Nintendo’s Zelda franchise boss Eiji Aonuma says the upcoming 3DS title is set in the “same world but in a different generation”. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is the upcoming sequel to the SNES’s A Link to The Past. This isn’t a remake.” Aonuma elaborates: “It’s the same world, It’s the same space.

Is Gramps the hero of legend?

Biography. Gramps is known to be a very strong old man that is said to be over 80 by the Rumor Guy in the game. Gramps actual past is never revealed in game and is only alluded to be some sort of retired hero by the rumors found on him in the game. Link first meet Gramps when he arrives to Kakariko Village.

Is a link between worlds link the same link?

A Link Between Worlds is set a few generations after the Super Nintendo classic A Link to the Past, and it’s billed as something of a sequel: it takes place in the same world, and features the same top-down perspective.

Is Ravio a Link?

Ravio is the Lorule version of Link. He has the same facial features as Link but black hair. He even refers to himself as the hero of Lorule. He left Lorule because he didn’t have the guts to save it but he knew someone in Hyrule did.

Is the old man in Link Between Worlds Link?

Gramps is a character that appears in A Link Between Worlds. He is an elderly citizen in charge of the game’s StreetPass functionality, Shadow Link Battles, and stands in the StreetPass Meadow on the western side of Kakariko Village.

Who is the old man in A Link Between Worlds?

Gramps is a character who appears in A Link Between Worlds. He is a purportedly 80-year-old man in charge of the StreetPass functions of the game. Gramps can be found in the west of Kakariko Village.