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How good are Aristides guitars?

The Aristides 060 may quite possibly be the most unique instrument you ever play. The fit and finish are superb, as well as the fretwork. Tonally, the palette is very broad, although, this particular instrument was definitely voiced more for the metal enthusiast.

What is Arium material?

Arium is made out of different resins and solid additives to create a relatively light and liquid material that is injected into the exoskeleton. The end result is a mixture of resins and particles that creates millions of tiny sound chambers that can resonate freely in all three dimensions.

Where are Aristides guitars made?

Netherlands-based Aristides Instruments has introduced its new 070 seven-string electric guitar made of “arium.” Arium is a new material designed by Poort Artistides and Delft University in the Netherlands. While we don’t know a lot about it, we know Aristides’ arium guitars are formed in a mold.

How much do Aristides guitars weigh?

At 8.4 lbs, it has a comfortable weight that won’t vary from one unit to the next, as you’d find with different slabs of wood. The c-shaped neck features a compound radius, ebony fretboard: 10” at the nut and 16” at the 22nd fret.

Why are Aristides guitars so expensive?

Unfortunately our molds take a lot of time to develop and construct, as well as being expensive. Basically we have to focus on building customer guitars and anything like neck shape, headstock, scale length, etc. would require a huge investment to develop… and potentially only sell to one customer.

What does the name Aristides mean?

Greek Baby Names Meaning: In Greek Baby Names the meaning of the name Aristides is: The best.

Do Aristides guitars have truss rods?

Our instruments do still have truss rods, though, so you can change the setup whenever you wish.

What is the story of Aristides?

Aristides was a member of a family of moderate fortune. Early in 480, Aristides profited by the decree recalling exiles to help in the defence of Athens against Persian invaders, and was elected strategos for the year 480–479.