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How fast do you need to run to join SAS?

It’s pretty straightforward: an entry level junior soldier needs to be able to complete a 1.5-mile timed run in less than 14min 30sec. That’s the equivalent of two 1,200m middle distance runs, or six laps of a 400m track at a 10-minute-mile pace. It’s far from impossible, but it might feel like it to the untrained.

What are the fitness requirements to join the British army?

These are;

  • 2km run (1.2 mile) takes place after a 800m (0.5 mile) warm up ( lowest adult soldier entry standard is no less than 11.15 minutes).
  • Seated medicine ball throw (4kg) with a minimum standard of 2.9m distance.
  • Mid-thigh pull (deadlift using a machine) with a minimum standard of 46 units.

What are the requirements to join the SAS?

Part 1 Meeting Basic Requirements. Alternatively, serve as an SAS reservist for 18 months. Another way to become eligible to join the SAS is to join one of the SAS reserve regiments (the 21st and 23rd regiments) and serve in the reserves for 18 months. Because, unlike the SAS proper, the SAS reserves do recruit from the civilian population,…

What do you need to know about the SAS fitness test?

The fitness test below marks the beginning of three weeks of pre-selection drills that culminate in a 72-hour survival challenge. To pass, each candidate needs to outperform their peers: 1. Pull-ups (at least 6 reps) 2. Air squats (at least 48 reps) 3. Push-ups (at least 41 reps) 4. Sit-ups (at least 25 reps) 5. Split squat jumps (at least 19 reps)

How long is basic training for the SAS?

For instance, the British Army’s basic training regimen is 26 weeks long and includes rigorous physical training and tactical exercises. Note also that, like other services of the British Armed Forces, the SAS accepts members from countries of the British Commonwealth (like Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, etc.). 2

Is the SAS infantry skills course compulsory in the UK?

SAS Infantry Skills Course: the 4-week SAS Infantry Skills Course (ISC) is aimed at non-Infantry soldiers who volunteer to attend UKSF Selection. It is not compulsory, but completing the course enhances the key low-level Infantry skills that will be required.