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How does HIV affect the mental health?

People living with HIV are at a greatly increased risk of developing mental health conditions, often suffering from depression and anxiety as they adjust to their diagnosis and adapt to living with a chronic infectious disease. People living with mental health problems can also be at higher risk of HIV.

Does a counselor have to report HIV?

This includes duty to warn, protect, and treat laws as well as those relevant to reporting HIV. Some states do not all require the reporting of HIV or AIDS status by licensed psychotherapists (e.g. Wisconsin) while other states require the reporting of it (e.g. Washington).

What is the duty to warn law?

The duty to warn arises when a patient has communicated an explicit threat of imminent serious physical harm or death to a clearly identified or identifiable victim or victims, and the patient has the apparent intent and ability to carry out such a threat.

What is a Terasoft report?

A Tarasoff Notification is a notification received by law enforcement from a licensed psychotherapist concerning an individual who, “presents a serious danger of violence against a reasonably foreseeable victim or victims.” In these situations, California law prevents an individual who has made these threats from …

What is Tarasoff rule?

In 1985, the California legislature codified the Tarasoff rule: California law now provides that a psychotherapist has a duty to protect or warn a third party only if the therapist actually believed or predicted that the patient posed a serious risk of inflicting serious bodily injury upon a reasonably identifiable …

What do psychologists have to report?

In New South Wales, under s 27 of the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998 (NSW), both psychologists who are employed to deliver health care, education (including school psychologists) or children’s services, and psychologists who supervise those providing services to children, are required to …